Science shows you can contain Your Worries To 30 min each Day

Whether you are constantly worried about money, your relationships, your looks or you just can't stop thinking about the worst case scenarios. Continuously thinking about the past or future can not only affect your health but also your relationships. Continuously worrying about what can go wrong can hinder your growth and progress in life

The good news is science has a simple strategy that can help you stop worrying. This looks simple but is really effective

The Trick : Schedule Your Time to Worry 

Now off course there is no magic pill to stop your Brain from worrying you also need to do some work 

However there are several Cognitive Behavioral Strategies that can reduce worrying and one of the most effective strategy is Scheduling a Time to Worry 

That means setting aside 30 min a day to worry. Set an Alarm, Mark in your Calender, do what so ever, but schedule 30 min a day to worry and make it consistent to command your brain to worry only for a specific time like I will only worry from 7 to 7:30 PM every evening and whenever you catch yourself worrying outside this time frame remind yourself, its not time to worry and you will have plenty of time in our specified schedule to worry. 

Once you arrive at your scheduled worry time, worry as much as you want and after 30 min have passed remind yourself its time to get back to everyday life. With Practice it will become a habit and help you contain your worries to just 30 minutes

When you are consistent you Program your Brain and it gets deeply ingrained and becomes a habit or a pattern 

Why this is Awesome and Works - Science Confirms

Several Studies have found scheduling time to worry is an effective way to reduce it and you actually start seeing the results in 2 weeks

Researchers at Pen State separated participants into two groups. One group was told to schedule time to worry and another group was told to continue worrying as usual. Individuals who scheduled time to worry experienced decrease in anxiety and they also slept better (Insomnia is often linked to Anxiety) 

So why and how does this work ? Since worrying has no limits and you can worry over something continuously for hours, scheduling time to worry reduces your worrisome thoughts to just 30 minutes. Limiting your time to worry can also make your worry time to be productive, this is the time where you can come up with solutions and answers to your problems as you have already set a limit, your brain will automatically work accordingly after a while 

Few Tips for getting started

Here are quick and simple strategies to reduce the time and energy you devote to worrying 

  • Pick 30 min time slot everyday 
  • Be Consistent and don't schedule your worry time to close to bedtime 
  • If you catch yourself worrying outside the scheduled time, remind yourself you will worry late, if you forget write it down 
  • When you reach your worry time set a time for 30 min
  • Sit, think or write your worries in a notebook or diary 
  • Keep Practicing and you will see the change quick 
If your anxiety is serious, we recommend see a mental health professional. Anxiety Disorders are treatable and can grow worse without help, over time 

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