Stressed, are You ? Go Sniff your Partners Shirt to feel Better, says study

If you are feeling stressed sniffing your partners shirt may help, a study shows.

Study : Romantic Partners Influence Women's reponses to stress
According to the study published in Jan 3 in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology researchers from the University of British Columbia (UBC) found that smelling a romantic partners shirt during stress can help women. The researchers confirmed that smelling a romantic partners clothing could be associated with the lower levels of stress hormone called cortisol in women's blood.

Many people wear the partners clothing or sleep on the same side of the bed where the partners sleep when the partner is away, but may not realize why they are engaging in this behavior, says a lead study author, Marlise Hofer, a graduate student in UBC. 

What they did
The researchers included 96 opposite sex couples in the study and the men were asked to wear a T-shirt without a perfume, deodorant or scent. They were also asked not to smoke or eat or drink anything that would alter there natural body odor/scent. After a day T-shirts were frozen to preserve their smell and then Women were given 2 T-shirts to smell. One unworn T-shirt and one that belonged to either a stranger or women's own partner and women were not told whether wither shirt was worn or who worn the shirt 

The researchers said ''Women have a better sense of smell then men'', when asked why women where chosen to smell the shirts for the study 

After smelling the two t-shirts to raise their stress level women participated in a  mock job interview and a mental math task and to measure stress their saliva was collected to measure cortisol levels and they found that women who received t-shirt worn by their partner had lower cortisol level and they also found that women who smelled their partners shirt were less stressed even before and after the interview 

''The finding can be used to help people cope with stress when they are away form their partner'' said researchers 

Happy Sniffing Ladies !!

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