Meet Kodo Nishimura, A Buddhist Monk and a Make Up Artist

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” —Kahlil Gibran

Meet Kodo Nishimura, A Monk and a Make Up Artist, Beauty indeed is Spirituality
Monks and Make Up don't go hand in hand. Right ? What would you think of a Monk who loves Make Up ? Meet Kodo Nishimurathe Japanese Monk who is also a Make Up Artist. Shocked, keep reading. Kodo Nishimura, a Buddhist Monk assists his father, a head Monk at a Tokyo Temple in rituals and works as a Make Up artist in free hours 

Well this Make Up Artist and the LGBTQ activist believes that love for beauty and devotion to Buddhism go hand in hand. "I think Buddhism is the core message to feel happiness, to feel a balanced feeling in our hearts and to share happiness," he tells the South China Morning Post. Your beautiful feeling influences that happiness, makes people "more generous, more attentive to others," says Nishimura.

About Kodo Nishimura, The Beauty Guru 
Nishimura who grew up in a 400 year old Buddhist Temple in Tokyo says as a child he would play with his mother's make up and there were also other ways he could learn about beauty. When he was eight he began to study Ikebana (A Japanese Flower Arrangement) and he turned out to be brilliant. Later in late teens he joined Parsons School of Design in New York. As his interest in Beauty ans Makeup grew he worried that his parents would reject him but contrary to what he expected, his father told him he could do whatever he wanted and that's when he joined an internship as Make Up Artist. 

Koso Nishimura, The Monk
But not keen on leaving traditions, Kodo when he was 24 returned to Japan to train as a Buddhist Monk. During his training he asked a monk that whether his sexual orientation was problematic from the prospective of Buddhism and the monk said how he dressed or where he worked has nothing to do with his Spiritual Training as a Monk. That's when he felt liberated and free to walk his chosen path as a Buddhist Monk and a Make Up Artist. 

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