Is there a Link between Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention ?

Connection between Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention 

Table of Contents
  • What are Vitamins
  • Types of Vitamins
  • What is Vitamin D
  • Health Benefits of Vitamin D
  • Reasons for Vitamin D Deficiency 
  • How to Boost Vitamin D Naturally
  • Connection Between Vitamin D and Cancer Prevention

Our body needs essential vitamins and mineral to function properly. Deficiency of vitamins and mineral in our body can cause serious health damage. From vitamin A, Vitamin D to zinc, each vitamin/mineral has a role to play for optimum health 

What are Vitamins
Vitamins are nutrients your body needs to function and fight against illness and diseases. Your body can't produce vitamins itself (except Vitamin D) so you must get them from food you eat or supplements (which I personally don't recommend). There are 13 known vitamins. Different vitamins have different roles and are needed in different quantities. The best way to get proper Vitamins and Minerals is to eat a Balanced Diet 

Types of Vitamins

Vitamins are either Fat Soluble or Water Soluble

Fat Soluble Vitamins are easier to store in the body and are stored in fatty tissues of the body and the liver. Vitamin A, D, K and E are Fat Soluble. Fat soluble can stay in your body for days and sometimes even months.

Since body doesn't store Water Soluble Vitamins, they don't stay in the body for long and they need to be replaced more often tan Fat Soluble Vitamins. Vitamin C and all the B Vitamins are water soluble 

What is Vitamin D
Vitamin D is the only Vitamin which can be produced by the body itself. Vitamin D is the Fat Soluble Vitamin. Actually it is more of a hormone as vitamins can't be produced naturally by the body however Vitamin D can be synthesized by the body when sunlight hits our skin

Health Benefits of Vitamin D
  • keeps your bones strong by helping your body absorb calcium and prosperous, 2 key minerals for bone health, 
  • Helps protect against heart disease and strokes, 
  • Reduce Risk of Type 1 & Type 2 diabetes. Regulates insulin levels thus aids diabetes management 
  • Supports Lung Function and Cardiovascular Health 
  • Supports the health of immune system and nervous system 

Reasons for Vitamin D Deficiency 
Vitamin D deficiency means your body is not getting or your body is not absorbing enough Vitamin D for proper functioning and staying healthy. Vitamin D is the only Vitamin that can be produced by our body through the exposure to sunlight. The main causes of Vitamin Deficiency are 
  • not enough exposure to sun
  • not consuming food rich in Vitamin D
  • you don't absorb enough vitamin from food due to various reasons

How to Boost Vitamin D naturally 
  • Vitamin Rich Diet Like fish, eggs, liver, mushroom etc
  • Exposure to Ultra Violet B through sunlight 

Proper absorption of Vitamin D in body also depends on other factors like lifestyle, season, skin colour, age, geographic location, body etc

Vitamin D and Breast Cancer Prevention
A study published in 2016 in Endocrinology used mice to explore the relationship between Vitamin D Deficiency and Breast Cancer. The study confirmed that patients with breast cancer frequently have Vitamin D deficiency when there cancer develops and the study looked at whether this was coincidental or if low level of vitamin d contributed to cancer, the result indicated that there could be a casual connection but there were other studies as well which offered conflicting assessment 

However, Hollie Zammit an Oncology Dietitian at UF Health Cancer Centre, Orlando Health says that Vitamin D deficiency is problem in general population and not just among cancer patients and she cautions that we should not jump to conclusions yet about the connection between cancer and Vitamin D deficiency, as in many of these studies the results are mixed and inconsistent and further research is needed to come to a conclusion 

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