7 Romantic Gestures that Express Tenderness

Apart from giving your partner gifts and presents, love can also be expressed by simple gestures like a touch, or a kiss or a hug . Here are 7 Romantic gestures shared by Mabel Iam, Author of I love You, Now What, to help you show your partner how much you care and make them feel loved and adored

  • Holding Hands : Holding Hands is a way of letting your lover know how much they mean to you. Its like saying ''I can't let you go'' , ''You are important to me'', I cherish you. Lover's love to feel each others skin, Holding hands expresses the passion and tenderness that each one feels towards the other says Mabel

  • Caressing the Cheeks and Face : This gesture shows that your partner is passionately attracted to you and stability in a relationship 

  • Sincere Flattery : This can be a statement like ''You look Hot'' or ''I am lucky to have you'', Flattery provokes self esteem and is something that should be practiced everyday to make your partner feel accepted 

  • Kissing : A peck or a kiss is an amazing gesture to make your partner feel your presence even when you are not around. A Kiss given with true tenderness is an amazing gesture that is perfect any time of the day

  • Hugging : Hugging has a lot of benefits. It boosts your self esteem, helps you let go of fear and anxiety. It erases the feeling of loneliness and slows down aging. Happy Hugging

  • Leaving Little Notes : Send a kiss, say ''I love You'' or a quick email note expressing your feelings to your partner. When you express your love towards your partner in written form it lets them know you care for them and you remember them even when you are busy

  • The Lover's Glance : This gesture even if its as small is capable of melting anybody with love
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