'Glow' with Beauty Writer and Debut Author Vasudha Rai

What is this all about 
Vasudha Rai is an Author, Writer and former director Harper's Bazaar/Cosmopolitan/Women's Health, India. Currently she is a Beauty Columnist with The Hindu and Regularly contributes to other Publications as well. She is also a certified 300-hour Yoga Teacher and teaches at the Yoga Studio, New Delhi. In her free time she writes on Women Health, Wellness, Skin care and Make Up on her Blog. Do check out her recent Post here RETRO GLITTER EYE MAKEUP

Debut Book Release by Vasudha Rai
Penguin Random House India just released Vasudha Rai's debut Book 'GLOW' - Indian Food, Recipes, Rituals for Beauty, Inside and Out. Vasudha Rai on Sep 26 2018

What is the 'GLOW' 
Glow is your guide to getting a glowing skin with Ayurveda. From Ayurvedic Recipes to Rituals this book covers everything you need for that glow. At the Launch event Vasudha Rai also discussed about the Four Pillars of Beauty. Vasuadha said '' We are always approaching beauty from the outside in, when we should be thinking about it from inside out because the inside always manifests on the outside

The synopsis of the book reads, “Whoever said that great skin is purely genetic has obviously never harnessed the power of beauty foods. While it is possible to fake great skin with make-up, you can only be truly radiant when you nourish your body from within.”

Why this is Ohh-sum-licious | Holistic Approach to Beauty
This Book talks about how a good skin care is just not those skin care products but something deeper. A good skincare regime includes not only creams, oils but also what you eat, think and feel which has a direct impact on your skin and health 

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Just Ordered mine. You can also Purchase the Book from Amazon . Buy Glow on Amazon. Review coming soon 

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