Give 10 Min a Day to this Journal Practice and Boost Your Happiness

What is this all about 

With just six steps this Programme can enhance your Well Being. Day to Day stresses and work load can drain you off energy and lead to Unhappiness. Sandi Mann a Lecturer at University of Central Lancashire building on her experience as a clinical psychologist has a solution. In her book ' Ten Minutes to Happiness ' she gives a Journal Exercise/Programme to be completed daily. This exercise is to be completed in 6 parts as shown below 

  1. What experiences however mundane gave your pleasure ?
  2. What praise and feedback did you receive ?
  3. What were the moments of pure good fortune?
  4. What were your achievements however small ?
  5. What made you feel grateful?
  6. How did you express kindness ?

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Who She ?
Dr Sandi Mann is a Senior Psychology Lecturer at the University of Central Lanchashire and she has done extensive research on boredom and presented her finding in a vast range of academic outlets

Why this is just OHH-SO-OSSMILICIOUS !!
Much of the Programme is build on a vast amount of research showing that even giving 10 minutes a day to this exercise can instantly change your mindset and mood. When we are upset and in a low mood its very easy to focus on all the wrong happening in our life but if we religiously follow through this exercise it can instantly change our mood and help us focus on the good more than on the bad. Though Mann claims you can't just start to see the results immediately but with regular practice you can definitely start seeing the changes. 

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