Synchronicity, A Yes from God / Universe

Synchronicity , '' Yes , You are on the Right Path '' - says God

 Earth is a school, God/ Universe gives assignments and tests for us to clear and evolve to graduate to the next class/level. As Souls we create a Soul Plan with Our Spiritual Guidance Team . We all are born for a purpose , our Soul Mission . This team support's us on our Earthly Journey by helping us learn our lessons , evolve and align with our Soul Mission by sending us signs , ideas , symbols , number sequences , synchronicities etc . All these signs are evidence that your spiritual guidance team is with you and providing you guidance , support and protection . These signs, synchronicities, symbols could be anything like a number sequence, a chance meeting with someone, a phone call from a friend , a feather on the road, book falling off a shelf etc . We each have our own individual meaning to these signs and symbols. Its like our individual connection with God , the Higher Power .

Miracles are Natural . If they don't occur something is wrong - Albert Einstein 

Oh its 11:11 Make a Wish , You are aligned with the Universe ! Yes You are !

Synchronicity is a word first introduced by psychologist Carl Jung , which holds that events are meaningful coincidences if they occur with no casual relationship yet meaningfully related '' - Wikipedia

In other words , Synchronicity is when God says '' Yes ! Yes this is what I desire for you . This is what I have planned for you . This is what is best for you . Now it is up to you whether you follow my guidance or your ego '' . Synchronicity , is like a wink from the Universe , a series of events , signs or coincidences that help us align with our Authentic Soul Path . . 

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We all have a Higher self and a Lower Self . Synchronicity is a message from our higher self that we are on the right path and we should keep doing what we are doing . Obstacles , blocks , struggles are a sign we have gone off our path . 

Suppose you get an idea  to visit a place ' X ' and you don't take it seriously  , but just after 15 minutes you get a phone call from a friend talking about going to the same place . Please note this is not a mere coincident . Everything has a purpose . 

When you are on the right path, things just naturally and effortlessly align and flow. If you are in perfect alignment with Universe and your truth, synchronicity is a common occurrence, your life seems magical and you will attract abundance on all levels 

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