Affirmations as a Spiritual Practice to Attract What You Desire

Affirmations as a Spiritual Practice to Attract Abundance 

We all are Energy Beings Vibrating at a certain frequency . It is even proven by Science that everything is made up of energy. Energy is the building block of all matter. The same energy that created you, also created the plants, the universes, and the chair you sit on.

At the turn of 19th century , Physicists started to explore the relationship between  energy and matter . Scientists began to recognize everything in the Universe is made up of energy . 

Quantum Physics sheds light on the truth . What we perceive as Physical Material World is not really physical or material at all, in fact it is far from it. This means we all are energy beings vibrating at a certain frequency. Like everything in this universe words have a vibration too. Positive words have a positive vibration and negative words have a negative vibration. So when we chant a mantra or a particular statement or word we take on the vibration of that statement.

What are Affirmations and how do they Work?

Affirmations are repetitive statements or mantras that work directly on your Subconscious Mind which controls 90 % of your life. For a Happy Fulfilled life you need the support of your subconscious. No matter what, if your subconscious doesn’t agree to something , you can’t bring it into your reality. Anything and everything you see in your life is as a result of your beliefs and patterns ingrained in your subconscious. What you believe you create and all the powers of creation come from your subconscious. Conscious mind sets the intention, plants the seed and the subconscious brings it to life, by nurturing, watering the seeds. Affirmations are one of the tools to nurture the seed planted by the conscious mind. Watch the Video Below

How beliefs and patterns are formed in the Subconscious
From the moment we are born we absorb messages about ourselves, others and the world in general. Up until the age 8 a child’s conscious mind is not fully developed which discerns and analyses whether something is right for him or not. That means until 8 years of age we are like sponges absorbing everything and accepting everything without any discernment in our subconscious. Our conscious mind is the analytical, logical and rational part and our subconscious mind houses our emotions and deep seated beliefs and patterns. Conscious mind is like a gate keeper if it doesn’t accept something it can’t reach your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is subjective it doesn’t think or reason independently it obeys the command it receives from the conscious mind 

When we consciously repeat a statement or a word or set an intention to achieve a desire and believe we are worthy of it , our subconscious gets to work and starts bringing us ideas, people, events, situations in your life via the law of attraction to help you achieve what you want. Your job is just to decipher the signs and take that guided intuitive action.

You attract in your life not what you want but what you believe you are worthy of. The conscious and the subconscious work together to bring what you desire into your reality. So if you have a desire to be rich and you believe you are worthy of it, your subconscious mind obviously will not drop the money but a money making idea to earn that money. Now it’s all up to you whether you take action on that idea or not.

You can use Affirmations not only to attract what you desire but also to change a Habit or a Pattern . Since our Subconscious Mind can't differentiate between what's real and what's imaginary many beliefs are formed . Repetitive Statements or Affirmations are a perfect spiritual tool to reprogram your Subconscious Mind and change an unhealthy pattern or habit and Attract what you desire . 

Here are 5 Poster Affirmations on 

  • Self Love
  • Attracting Your Soul Tribe
  • Attracting Love 

Affirmation for Self Love , Self worth 
I am Love 

Affirmation to attract Like Minded People and Your Soul Tribe 


Affirmation to attract Like Minded People 

Affirmation for Self Love , Self Belief 

Affirmation to Attract A Romantic Partner 

I suggest you create your own Affirmations . Affirmations will only work if you feel them rather than just repeating a word or a statement . 

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