Law of Attraction Manifestation . Is the Law of Attraction Real ! 10 Reasons Law of Attraction is not Working for You !

Is Law of attraction Real ? If yes ! Why its not working for you ? or it is and you are not even aware ?

I got into Metaphysical and Spiritual Studies in the Year 2015 and since then My life is not the same . Initially I was really skeptical as to whether I should trust what I read but with time as I applied these principles in my  own life , My trust grew with each experience , and here I am , teaching what I once never connected to . So if you are someone who thinks Law of Attraction is not real , give it sometime . You will know how the Cosmos , Universe and this World Works and Expands . May be its not your time Yet ! When its time you will know . 

Universal laws also known as spiritual laws , governs the Universe and Us . We are the Universe experiencing itself via this Human Journey . No matter what , Our lives are what they are because of these laws .Once we consciously align with these laws our life just flows . Universal law are same for all , God never differentiates like humans do . Whether you are a Hindu , Muslim , Sikh , whatever caste or creed , these laws are Universal and working for All of us . One of this Law is Law of attraction .

What is Law of Attraction ? 
The Law of Attraction ensures whatever energy is sent  , will be received in whatever form ,be it people , events or circumstances . And Yes what you think you create but this half the truth , What you Think , Feel and Act on you create. Yes you are the creator and you are creating your life via Law of Attraction but with co-partnering with the Universe . If only by thinking we could create can you imagine how this world would be. What YOU think about the most and what you give the most focus , energy and emotions too is what you are creating at the moment . So if its something negative make sure to change your thoughts and your focus to create a different Positive reality for you . 

Law of attraction is working in your Life 24 x 7 , Whether you believe it or not . If you feel law of attraction is not working for you , either you don't have the right knowledge or the Patience to wait . Yes it is working and It always will . Here are 10 Reasons why you Can't see the results and not getting what you want.

  • You are not following Your heart : A lot of times what we ask is not actually what we need but what others have . Ask yourself , whatever you are asking for is actually your soul desire or its your ego ? If its your Ego forget it . If its your Souls Desire , keep going , Its coming I promise but on Divine Timing .

  • What you are asking for , you are not ready for it Yet : Universe is Generous and Abundant , It wants us to be Happy and at times this may also mean not giving us what we want when we want , as we may not be ready for it yet .Universe didn't say '' NO '' , It says '' not yet ''

  • You want it quick : What you ask for you may not always get on your time . There are a lot of things involved , Universe continuously is working behind the scenes  , you can 't see it but it is . Universe sees the bigger picture , Universe knows you extremely well , Universe knows whether you can handle something or not . Wait . Relax . Take a deep breath . It there if its meant to be . 

  • You have not done the work : If it is something you most desires or are passionate about chances are there are also lessons attached to the desire . For example . Lets say you crave that perfect ideal compatible partner , chances are to reach that perfect relationship you need to do the inner work , You created your birth plan before birth , you decided what lessons you will learn and most of the time your biggest lessons are tied to the dreams you are most passionate about . It works like this , You send out an intention for that ideal relationship , mind you , not perfect but ideal , now Universe will send partners to trigger and help you heal , these partners would be the catalyst for that ultimate partner . So law of attraction is working every second , right ? You are attracting events , people , circumstances matching your vibration ! 

  • You are not vibrating at the frequency of your desire : Don't forget you can only attract to yourself what you are a match to energetically and vibrationally . So ,if you are not attracting something chances are you are not vibrating at the frequency of your desire . Want Happiness , Vibrate happiness . Want Love , Vibrate Love . Its that easy . 

  • You are too focused on the Desire : Law of attraction works in conjunction with  law of detachment , which says if you want something detach from it , don't focus too much on it and don't depend your happiness on it . If you desire something , so you can be happy , its the very same thing that you will not attract as you are attached to it . Your lesson here is ask and surrender . When you are too focused on something , you are sending out a message to the Universe that you are fearful that you will not get it and its the same thing you will attract , FEAR !! 

  • You don't believe you can manifest what you want : Faith in God and in yourself are the two things crucial to manifest the life you want via law of attraction . If you don't believe you are worthy of a good life , you can't manifest it . Have faith that you deserve good , you deserve what you want and Universe will have no choice but to bring it to you . 

  • What you wish for , is not right for you : At times we feel what we want is best for us but we can';t see the Bigger Picture as Universe does . So if you are not attracting what you want , chances are it's not right for you . Law of attraction will give you what you need , not what you want . Yes there is a difference . Go discern !! 

  • If you get what you want , you will spoil it : Yes ! Universe loves you so much . It knows if you get what you are desiring now , you may not be ready for it and you will spoil it . Do the work , and leave the rest to the Universe . Law of attraction is ringing it to you . Its coming . when you go out in a restaurant and order something , you wait for the dish or go to the kitchen and see what the chef is cooking ? You wait right ? Now wait for your desires the chef is bringing it to you ! Wuhu  !! 

  • You are sending out the Vibration of Lack : You can't manifest a good life , if you are too focused on what is wrong in your life , Unconsciously you are sending out the vibration of lack which is not in alignment of the vibration of what you desire , right !! What you desire has a much higher frequency , Vibrate Higher !! 
Law of attraction is Real and it is working in your life and always in your favor whether you believe it or not . Every moment you are creating your life via your thoughts , emotions and actions and Law of attraction is working behind the scenes to get you what is best suited for you , for your Healing and Growth , whether that be a person , an event or a situation . It was law of attraction only which made you read this article , you attracted this article as you are a vibrational match to it . love and light ! 

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