Goddess Tent Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement 

  • To Liberate you from your Own Negative Thoughts and Help Awaken your True Potential 
  • To Give you the Right Tools and Resources , so You can handle the Day to Day Challenges and Struggles Efficiently and Effectively.
  • Bringing Esoteric , Paranormal , Spirituality/ Spiritual Teachings to the Masses , Especially The Youth , and Making it a part of Everyone's life and not a Selected Few. Spiritual Truths and Practices are for all of us , we are spiritual beings on a Human Journey .We all need this information for Optimal Health , its food for the Soul .
  • Educating , Spreading Awareness on the Power of Sacred Feminine for a Healthy Society 
  • To help you Expand Your Consciousness and Remind you , that you are a Multi Dimensional Limitless Divine Spiritual Being on a Human Journey & Not Vice Versa
  • To Remind You Of your Innate Healing Powers & Power of Your Divine Mind 
  • To help you Heal Your Relationship with Yourself , by breaking through what is Blocking you Mentally , Emotionally , Spirituality , Physically and Aligning you to your Highest Purpose and Joy 
  • To Inspire you to Heal yourself Holistically  , Take Back Control of Your Life and Effect Change by Following your Dharma ( Soul Mission ) 
  • To help you Master your Mind and Emotions and Bring Balance Back to Your Life , and Fulfill your Highest Potential 
  • To Encourage You to Take Full Responsibility for Your Health and Happiness so can Contribute to The Society in your own Unique Way . 
  • To Encourage you to take your Power Back , look for the solutions &  Answers to life's problems within and find that Inner Wise Buddha
  • To Encourage You to Shine Your Unique Light with the world , Yes ! You are here for a reason . Go Shine !! 

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