Are You and Your Partner a Perfect Match ? Take The Helen Fisher's Personality Test and Know

Helen Fisher's Personality Test 

 Do you Know How Brain Chemistry Determines Your Personality, Mood , Emotions ? Why you Look for Certain traits in a Partner ? Why you are drawn to someone ? Why some People Love to take risks and others want to play it Safe ? Why your Boss is too Loud ? Why your Best Friend doesn't take a stand for himself ? 

Dr Helen Fisher , An Anthropologist , has the Answer . She says Our Personality Traits and Behaviors have a direct co relation to the Neurotransmitter Chemicals or Hormones Our Brain releases . How we Feel , Act , Our Happiness , Our Choice of Partners , Careers is influenced by Neurotransmitters in our Brains . 

A Neurotransmitter is a chemical messenger that carries signals or messages from one cell to another cell in the Body . These chemicals are responsible for functions like Breathing , Brain Functioning , Sleep , Appetite etc. Though there are 4 main chemicals that shape our Personalities and People we are drawn to , Dopamine , Serotonin , Testosterone , Estrogen  

Who is Helen Fisher ( Anthropologist): 

Helen Fisher a Scientist , A Self Help Author and Human Behavior Researcher . She created a Questionnaire to  enable Men and Women to Understand aspects of themselves and their Romantic Partners as well as who they are most likely to be attracted to and their likely compatibility with their Soulmates . Helen Fishers Personality Quiz has now been Taken by over 14 Million People in 40 countries.

The Four Helen Fisher Personality Types

According to her People behave , think and act  in 4 broad styles , each style associated with one of the 4 brain chemical systems , Dopamine , Serotonin , Testosterone and Estrogen . 

The Four Personality Types according to Helen Fisher is : 

Explorer :  These express the Traits linked with Dopamine System 

Builder : These express the Traits linked with Serotonin System

Director : These express the Traits linked with Testosterone System 

Negotiator : These express the Traits linked with Estrogen System 

Though we all are a combination of all these four chemical systems and the traits associated with them but we express some more in comparison to others.

After you take the Quiz you will get a feedback on these three things 
  1. Whats your Unique Personality Signature
  2. Whom you are naturally attracted to 
  3. The Natural Happiness and Sorrows you feel , when you connect with someone from a different personalty signature 

Here are my Results 
The Explorer 

The Negotiator 

I am the Explorer and Negotiator Personality type and The results are so fucking accurate . Take this Test just to know yourself or with your Partner this Could be a Lover , a friend , or a co worker . Know yourself and them better . The results will amaze you . Go check Yours here Helen Fisher's Personality Test - The Anatomy Of Love .The Four Brain Chemical Personalities , Explorer , Builder , Director , Negotiator ,Which One Are You ? Do share your Results.


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