10 Ways to Naturally Increase Serotonin " The Happiness Hormone " in Your Brain without Drugs / Medication

What is Serotonin and What Role it Plays in Our Health ?

We all wish to be happy , right ? Can we Create it for Ourselves Naturally or we need something outside of Us ? What is your Way to reach the Level of Happiness and Fulfillment you crave . Shopping ? Drugs ? Sex ? Relationships ? Yes ! These things make us all Happy but for how long ? Do you know there are Happiness Chemicals Produced by our Brain, one of them being Serotonin

Serotonin acts as neurotransmitter that helps relay signals from one area of Brain to Another . Because of the Widespread Distribution of its Cells it is believed to influence a lot of psychological and bodily functions . This includes brain cells related to sexual desire , mood , appetite , sleep , memory , learning . and some social behavior - Source : WebMD

chemicals that make you happy infographic

Source : https://www.developinghumanbrain.org with this graphic.

In simple words , Serotonin is a Neurotransmitter which is responsible for sending messages from one area of brain to another .It is the '' Happy Me Chemical '' Naturally produced by your Brain . Whenever you feel low on Mood , Depressed , Anxious , Sad , lacking Focus it is as a result of Low Production of Serotonin by your Brain . If you visit a Health Practitioner he may give you Medicines or drugs to increase the Serotonin levels and these Drugs may have their side effects . God has given us all the Powers to Naturally Create Happiness and Health for Ourselves . This Universe is Abundant . Here are 10 Super Effective Ways to Naturally Boost the Serotonin level or the Feel Good Hormone 

  1. Train & Talk to Your Brain Cells : Yes Our Cells have a Consciousness . Command the Cells to be Happy , You are the master , The Creator of your Own Happiness 
  2. Exercise , Go for a Walk out in Nature :It not only Helps you Loose Weight ,going for a Walk even for 5 -10 min a day can have a soothing effect on your Brain . Nature is Healing .
  3. Meditate it naturally raises your vibration and boosts serotonin . It helps you Focus on your Breathe , Calms you Down and keeps your grounded .
  4. Eat Health and Light : Right Food and Eating habits can have a direct impact on how you feel . The better you eat the better you feel .Avoid Oily and fried foods at all cost . Have green leafy vegetables and fruits . 
  5. Read Uplifting Books , Articles and Blogs : The type of information you feed yourself with , will have a direct impact on your mood and Vibration . We are all Vibrating at a certain frequency and what we see and focus on has a direct impact on our vibration , feelings and Mood .
  6. Positive Thoughts : Thoughts have direct Impact on you . Feed yourself Positive thoughts they are a key to health and well being .What you think you create . Think positive happy thoughts and create the same experiences for yourself . 
  7. Surround yourself with Happy people energy is contagious . You become like the 5 people you spend time with , choose wisely . If you are around negative naysayers , who continuously bring you down , you can't expect to be happy , Right ?
  8. Music Therapy : Listen to 432hz music it will boost your mood instantly and Increase serotonin levels in your brain .Or any sound that makes you feel good and helps raising your vibration is perfect  for you . Go Check !!
  9. Go social , connect , meet new People . Find your Tribe . Meet like minded people who have the same beliefs and goals as you . People who understand you on a deep level . Love heals .
  10. Last but not Least , Love and Accept yourself fully . This will naturally raise your vibration and make you feel good no matter what.

We all are taught to look for Happiness Outside of us , To depend on Something to feel good as if we don't have the Power to Create happiness naturally . This is so not true ! Its a trap to make you dependent on the system and control you .You are a Spiritual Being on a Human Journey and you have all the God Given spiritual Powers to Create whatever you wish form your Life . If you are not happy ,  chances are you Believe that to be true. A Change in thought will have a direct impact on your mood. You don't need anyone or Me to Tell you how to be , or feel . This article is just a push and an activation . You have all the Powers inherent in you don't have to depend on any outside substance or drugs to create Happiness for yourself  

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