What is the Role of a Spiritual Teacher

Who is a Spiritual Teacher ?

With this deep Spiritual Cleansing , Changing Times and Humanities shift from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius , we all are Looking for Spiritual Teachers to Guide Us . But how do you know which is the Authentic teacher ? What is the role of a spiritual teacher ? Is he some Sadhu sitting under a Tree wearing an Orange Dhoti ?

A Spiritual Teacher is not some perfect guru or know it all master. These are Old Age beliefs and they have no real significance in today's world . A Spiritual Teachers role is to impart the right spiritual Ideas , Knowledge , Education and Information . 

We are birthing a New age , The New Age spiritual Teacher is someone who has liberated his/her spirit , he/she is a transformational guide who shares his wisdom to help you liberate yours if you are ready . HE/SHE Walks the talk . He/she lives life as a sovereign being Aligned to his/ her path. The old rules , societal conditioning don't bind him / her.This is a natural born leader who inspires others to change and transform their life .We all are spiritual teachers to each other . 

Your life is your message. We all are teaching something every moment whether we consciously realize it or not . You automatically take the role of a teacher when you guide a friend , a family member or even a stranger for that matter , or you help them find light in Dark , This is the role of a Spiritual Teacher , to guide you out of the Dark , To Share his / Her wisdom not to force you to change or transform but to inspire you to change and transform by walking the talk .  
If you are someone , people admire , if you are someone who inspires others to change their life , if you activate that spark in them you are playing this role in their life without realizing it .Probably you attract a lot of attention and a lot of opposition . Because you are different . You are born to be different . You are born to trigger and challenge people. You are born to bring your unique energy in this world . People oppose or hate something they can't understand or something that is new. Our society has been living these old outdated ideas since ages.

A teacher has no interest in you, except to make you spiritual, self-confident, and fearless. That is the power he has and he will adopt every method to show you your weakness. If he cannot show you your weakness and your negativity, then why do you have a spiritual teacher? - Yogi Bhajan

A lot of us are being called now to share new spiritual ideas , our ancient age old wisdom , share our lessons , share our sorrows , share our mistakes so we can help and support someone going through the same.If you are one of these people chances are you live for the truth , you are all about integrity and justice .You hate people who are all about manipulation , fear and control . Most probably you are among-st the Most misunderstood lot on this planet. Don't worry your time is coming. Stand for the truth. At times you may feel isolated as you can't relate to many , but soon your soul tribe , your soul family will find you and support you as they are on the same mission as you. Bringing more light , truth and long lost wisdom to this planet.

Till then prepare yourself for the big changes coming your way. You are a Twinflame , an Empath , an indigo , a Starseed , a Light worker , a WayShower , a change maker , spiritual activist. You have been training for this since lifetimes. You are here to change and bust systems. You are here to crush the old so new can come in. You are here to stand up for what is right and not what is easy. You are here to help planet ascend. You are here to wake people up. You are here to introduce new innovative ideas to this planet. You are here to help usher in the new golden age. You are here on a big mission. The mission of light and truth. Welcome to the tribe ! I love you and admire you. You are doing a great job.

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