Welcome the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Children , Indigos , Crystals and Rainbow Children

Who are Starseeds , Indigo , Crystals , Rainbow Children ?

"Starseeds" describe evolved beings from another planet, star system or galaxy, whose specific missions are to assist Planet Earth and her peoples to bring in the Golden Age at the turn of the millennium. - www.Grahamhancock.com

 If you did read the About Us section , One of the reasons I started this Website was to Bridge the Gap between Heaven(Spirit World) and the Earth(Material World) . Through this Website I intend to Bring Heaven on Earth by bringing Spiritual , Paranormal , Metaphysical, Esoteric teachings to the Masses and not a Selected few.We are Metaphysical beings in this Human Form .We have Extraterrestrials , Our Galactic Brothers and Sisters ,  living amongst Us and this is not something unusual this is normal . Its high Time Humanity and People on Earth Take it easy and start connecting with their Galactic brothers and sisters who are waiting to help.They have been incarnating as human beings on this Planet since Ages to help Humanity Evolve and Ascend to a New Age . I Know this Sounds a Little Woo Woo to the Mind but You Soul Knows . Relax !! 

A Starseed is Just someone Living on Planet Earth with a Highly Evolved Spiritual Consciousness . They Incarnate on earth to help Expand the Human Race , Bring the Spiritual Technology from their Star System to Earth , Help the Planet Heal , Ascend to the Next Dimension and Usher in the New Golden Age . 

It's time for Revolution of the Mind and Heart. Welcome the Cosmic Kids on the Block. These children are Highly Sensitive and Evolved as they come from different highly evolved star-systems . Since they are Different so their needs are different . The Traditional Outdated Ways of handling won't work for them . 

What are the Starseed Characterstics ?

These children usually have a mixture of Human and extraterrestrial DNA , that's why they are different from other children  These children came on Earth to usher in the new age , the Golden Age , Satyug - The Age of Truth , Peace , Love and Harmony . They are here to help you and the planet evolve to a higher consciousness. These Sensitive , Creative and Loving Pioneers are here to bring in New ways of Thinking and Living. You need to evolve to their level to handle them instead of you asking them to listen to you that's something they won't do. They are the Rebels , the New Age Hippies and The Innovators. Their message is Truth , Love and Wisdom beyond years. They are the Way they are for a reason as they are here to create something New. Whosoever comes in Contact with a Cosmic Child they will be triggered and will have no option but to grow. They will trigger you till you give   in , that's their Purpose. They may not do it consciously but unconsciously they are doing this for your growth and the planet . By leading the way they are showing you , your highest potential . They are all about soul evolution . 

 Please don't expect them to be like you , they are not. They have a Vision and Mission of there own. The Mission of Love and Peace .Don't try to clip their Wings , they are born to fly instead fly with them. Let them be whoever they wish to be and support them this Dark planet needs their Light , Strength , Love , Compassion and Empathy to bring Balance and Justice to this planet . They choose You as A Parent for a Reason. Oh ! You are so blessed . They are the next generation of Spiritual Leaders 

Signs You are a Starseed on a Mission 
Have you ever wondered You may not be From Earth?

UFOs , Spaceships , Angel , ET's these words Fascinate You ?

Obsessed with Metaphysics and Spirituality ?

You are highly Sensitive/Em-path ? 

Are you are Creative & Free spirit ?
Love Music , Nature , Water ?

Had Paranormal Experiences as a Child ?

Do you feel you Don't Belong ?

Feel Lonely ?

Wish you had a someone to talk you ?

No one Understands ?
Hate going to School , Don't like the Current Education System ?
You have this calling to change the World in some way ?
You are all about Truth , Integrity , Love ?
Hate taking Orders , Cant stand Authority ?

Welcome Home , Say Hi to your Galactic Friend Gunjan and Let me Remind you ,chances are , Yes you don't belong here , You are a Star-seed from a different Star System For a Mission to build in a New World . This is the reason you never fitted in , because you were never meant to as you are here to create a New World , The New Earth . You are here to teach others a new way of being and living . You are here to be You .You are here to help the planet ascend to a higher frequency ,  to help create New Earth . You are taking Humanity to the New Age , i.e. Satyug - The Golden Age also known as Age of Aquarius .  

Starseeds Parents 

Is your Child Highly Sensitive ?
Loves his/her own Company ?

Has emotional reactions to everything ?

When in crowds feels Agitated , Anxious and Cranky ?

Has problem Focusing ?

Is an Introvert ?

Is a Free Spirit ? 
Doesn't like taking orders ?

Is extremely Creative ?

Chances are you are Parenting a Star-seed . Buckle Up , You must be a really strong soul to have chosen them as your child in this Incarnation , its not easy lol (Ask my Parents ,I am one of them ).And let me remind you these children are not like your regular children . To parent them and handle them is not easy as the old traditional ways of parenting don't work since they are highly sensitive.

I have created This platform as a support for the Star seeds and Their Caregivers , Teachers and Parents 

Gunjan , is an Adult/Elder Indigo / Coach for Indigo children, teens, adults, and their families. Find out how YOU can get the support you are looking for.Do Book a Starseed Coaching Session with me . Book a Session

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