Why Activating your Light can Repel People or Attract Them

Shine your Light No matter What . 

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life you desire.” Napoleon Hill

We all are here to embody our light and share it with others . Your light is your true essence , not what your family , society , friends expect you to be but the real you without the social conditioning . It  can be anything , from your spiritual gifts , to your career , to how you talk to a stranger , your light brings blessings to yourself and everyone around . Light workers a special tribe of people , as the name suggests are here to bring light to this Dark Planet and you they this via their spiritual gifts and Missions . 

Walking the Spiritual path is not easy . You will be tested every moment. The more you align with your TRUTH , your light ,the more difficult it gets .  You are expected to face your darkest fears , clear what no longer serves you , let go of what you are not aligned with,this could be a relationship , a job .Activating your light body means Activating the path you were born for , the real authentic you , your Unique Energy Blueprint . As you align with your light , your life changes as your vibration changes via Universal Law , law of vibration , you attract new relationships, you loose the Old Ones , Here are 4 Reasons why Shining your Inner light repels people ( or attracts them to You ) 

“Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light.” Brene Brown

  • You remind them of there own light . You are a mirror of there potential . You are teaching them how to activate there own inner light which requires a lot of work . Unconsciously you trigger them to clear their own junk 
  • You are Intense and magnetic . You have a certain aura and power about you which might be too intense for certain people who are not ready for you . Our vibe attracts our tribe . If you are not a vibe-rational match to someone they will be repelled by you . Like attract like . 
  • You trigger their Wounds . As a light worker your mission is to trigger people , to help them release what no longer serves them and aligning them to their own unique path . How do you do that ? By living and walking your truth . By showing them there is another way , this new way of living
  • You are reflecting to them there own insecurities and short comings . When you walk your talk and Live your light , your authentic truth , your pure divine essence people who are not aligned to their purity are inspired and repelled by you .Those who are ready will be inspired to change and move towards light and those who are not are repelled by you as they are not a vibe-rational match to this change you are going through . They can't understand it as its still not time .
Always remember we all have our own individual journeys . No journey is better than the other . This is all about discernment and not Judgement . Every journey is Unique .Do let me know what do you think ?

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