New Moon Ritual and the Power of Intention Setting

Rituals are a Perfect Way to connect to The Universe , Your Inner Being , Your Soul . They help to connect on a Deeper Level with your Inner Universe,  Your Creative Essence  and With What you Wish to Create and Manifest in Your Life . Though we don't need a Specific time or Place for Rituals , Creating a Ritual Space Specifically  at the time of New Moon , Full Moon , Equinoxes is a great way to Intensify the energies and Manifest what you desire faster .

New Moon is the Time of New Beginnings , A fresh Start , New Ideas , New manifestations and the New You . Full moon is the Time when you are ready for the Manifestation of the Desire you Set an Intention for in previous New Moon , Releasing what no Longer aligns with your Highest Path ,  and Time to Introspect as to what didn't work or what you need to release for the Next New Moon Manifestation .

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Power of Intention Setting 
Universe is working Behind the Scene 24 X 7 for you. What we ask for we get but first we need to Set an Intention out to the Universe for what we want . The thoughts you send out , the vibration you send out whether consciously or Unconsciously Come Back to You . Ritual is just a Conscious Way of sending out a Focused intention to Manifest what you Desire . Though we all are already Unconsciously sending out our intentions 24 X 7 via our Thoughts , Feelings and Actions :) . Choose Wisely . 😔

If you are in India , Tomorrow 15 May 2018 , is the New Moon Day . Check Here .Here is a Simple New Moon Ritual and  Few Simple Steps to Set an Intention to Manifest What you Want to Manifest on This New Moon . Don't Know when is the New Moon in Your Area , Check This Website : Moon Phase Website

New Moon Ritual and Intention Setting 
Take a Piece of Paper and Write Down what New energies , New Ideas , New Abundance do you Wish to attract in your life . Or What you Wish to Change in Your Life , Manifest or Create , this Could Be anything . For Example : Do you wish to start a New Exercise regime , or May Be you are Looking for a New Job , New Partner Whatever you wish to manifest write How you want it to be . Example : If you wish to Attract Your Ideal Job , Write down : I am Now Manifesting My Ideal Job and Mediate and Visualize as to How you will feel when you get the Job.Put the Paper Aside . Make sure for Few Minutes for next few Days Till the Full Moon you visualize .Feel the Feeling , Imagine how happy you would be , What you are doing in your Job , Whats your Profile . You can Write as many Wishes and Check every Full Moon what manifests and What changes do You need to Make. 

How Visualization and Manifestation Work 
Visualization is the Perfect Manifestation tool to bring your Desired Goal into Reality . When you Visualize , You Start Feeling , Living and Embodying what you Desire and that's the Secret of Manifestation .You send out a Vibration to the Universe and Universe brings to You everything that Matches that Vibration .

A Ritual is a Spiritual Practice Connecting you to Your God / Goddess Self .Rituals are a Great Way to Add some Universal Magic and Mystery in your Life.Do share your experiences below.

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