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I am Here to Help you Remember your Magnificent Light and Infinite Power you carry within Your Heart - Gunjan 

Welcome . What made you Click on the 'Book a Session'  Tab.

Your Life is Upside Down?
You are Loosing it all ? 
Suddenly , Life doesn't makes sense , Don't know whats Happening ?
Life has no Meaning ?
Do you want help Releasing Blocked Emotions ?
Feeling stagnant , blocked ?
Wish to Connect to your soul , higher Self ?

Victimhood is blaming others or outside circumstances when faced with life challenges . Why shift blame when you yourself can take control of your life ? In our sessions I will help you make the choice to embrace your challenges , find the lessons ,go from Victim to Hero /Heroine and then Show others do the Same , after all we all are all Here to Contribute in Our own Unique way . When you Heal yourself , you create a ripple and Inspire Others to Heal themselves! Your light is contagious ( at times people are repelled too and there's a reason , Will write an article for the Same)

Now who the Hell  I am ! Why me , Right ?  
Well , I have been there done That . 
I have been on this Path and Still am, I feel You ! 
I have felt Powerless , Like You 

and , mind you , I still feel powerless , I still at times act like an asshole , Its ok , This is life , this is You , Light & Dark both . I am not here here to teach you to be Perfect , That you already are , What I am trying to teach you is to accept your Imperfections and Learn to live with them . Now I am not for everyone , But if you resonate with me and My energy , I am for You ! Hell Yes! Discern & Decide !!

Connect with Me : From Powerless to Powerful : Take Back Control 

I have no idea why you Clicked on this Page  , But if you are drawn to me or this Website , there's a purpose . So finally the Time Has come . The stage is Set and I am ready . Ready to Face my Fears . Ready to face what Universe has in store for me . Ready to embark on this new Journey . I am Now open to 1 on 1 Sessions . As guided I am putting it all out , A call to Every Soul who can in some way benefit from my Teachings or Coaching ! 

Do book a Session With Me ! 

And always remember I can share my Life experiences , I can intuitively guide you , but I can't do the work for you . You have to do the work , I will just be there behind you pushing you to be your Best self and Infusing you with the energy to cross any hurdle or detour that comes your way . 

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 Unlimited Email Support . 
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