10 Ways to Awaken and Activate the Divine Feminine Energy in You

''Universe has a Male and Female expression and You are no Different . Live That'' .

Divine Masculine and Feminine Archetypal Energy , The Yang and Yin 

  • Make no Mistake Divine Feminine is in No way a Woman Only concept. 
  • Regardless of the gender , we all carry within our Psyche Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Archetypal Energies in Us .
  • In Yoga it is also known as Shiva(Divine Masculine - Static) and Shakti(Divine Feminine - Dynamic) . 
  • Ancient Humans , Our Ancestors lived in Alignment with Themselves , Mother Earth , Nature and with each other as they knew the secrets of the Universe and Lived in accordance with Universal Divine Energy Laws . 
  • Later with the advent of Patriarchal Systems and societies we totally got disconnected from our Divine /God /Goddess Self , Divine Knowledge and Creator Aspect , as the Spiritual Knowledge was Hidden and Distorted .
  • We forgot our roots , We forgot , Suppressed , Abused  , Shakti , our Inherent Divine Feminine Powers of Creation, Nurturing,Healing and Transformation and solely worked via our Masculine aspects .
  • We forgot we are Spiritual Beings on a Human Journey and Not vice versa ,creating our Reality every moment and on a Spiritual Path of Growth and ultimately Enlightenment . 

Divine Male and Divine Female in Balance (Wholeness and Harmony)
In layman's terms this means we all carry within us Divine Male Qualities and Divine Female Qualities and We can Activate whatever Quality of Energy  we need in a Given Moment .A Man can Use the Feminine Quality of Sensitivity to connect with his Woman better and a Woman can use the Masculine Quality of Strength to stand up for herself. We all were created in the image of God .Unlike what society has told us about gender roles , A man should be a certain way and a woman should be a certain way , We can embody whatever Energy and be whoever we wish to be whether you are born in a Male or Female Body , God doesn't differentiate , we all are alike God's eyes.This Conditioning and Suppression of the Natural Essene of Human Beings have created a Distortion and Imbalance in the Energy Fields of many .When both the Masculine and Feminine in Us are in balance , there is free flow of energy & we are not forced to Fit into a Society by confirming to social ideals , our emotions are not suppressed , our life is smooth ,we feel more Aligned , Happy and Whole , We can achieve our goals easily and effortlessly . 

Bible :
Genesis 2:7 God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them. 

Old Paradigm
Currently most of Us are living through the Wounded Masculine and Wounded Feminine  , which is the 3rd Dimensional , Old paradigm and Old way of Living and Relating(Age of Pisces) , though , We are moving towards the 5th Dimensional ,  New Paradigm(Age of Aquarius).The Big Leap in Consciousness is happening , a Total Paradigm and Dimensional shift , Forcing Us all to Change and Transform for Better Living and Relating , a Balance of The Divine Masculine & The Divine Feminine  , The way of Love , Light , Harmony and Wholeness . 

What is Divine Feminine Energy ?
As Multidimensional Spiritual Beings on this Earthly Human Journey we all are made up of Energy of the Universe .According to a an ancient yet vibrant spiritual science Tantra , this energy has two aspects ,Masculine(Shiva) and Feminine(Shakti) as mentioned above . Divine Feminine represents the Supreme Level of Feminine Expression and Manifestation of the Universe . Divine Feminine Energy or Divine Feminine Qualities are dynamic ,non linear in nature , the Pure Soul /Heart Centered qualities of Creation , Receptivity , Wisdom ,  Compassion , Surrender , Relaxing , Enjoying , Just Being , Fun Loving, Intuitive ,Soft Power , Unconditional love , Healing , Light , Peace , Transformation , Wild Wonder , Connection and Collaboration ,Emotions , Going with the Flow , Joy ,Optimism , Abundance and more . Divine Feminine Energy also known as ' Shakti ' is the Moon / Mother energy and the Energy of love , Balance and Harmony .Honoring and Connecting to the Divine Feminine is an act of devotion not only to oneself but also to the Divine Mother Goddess, the essence of all creation. Its the Divine Power of Creativity which Creates , Nurtures and Transforms . Without Shakti , Shiva can't Create the Universe .

Why we Need to Activate the Divine Feminine ? 
In today's Masculine world of Competition , Achievement we need the Feminine qualities of Heart contentedness , Motherly Protection , Healing and Love to balance this over Masculine Patriarchal World (of Ego , Greed , selfishness ) and bring us back to Wholeness .When we are disconnected from our Feminine we are Disconnected from our Heart thus living life only based on logic , and me centered attitude. But once we bring our Inner Feminine back with Masculine we connect to our heart and are more compassionate and live with 'we' mentality .When we activate the Inner Feminine , it  brings balance to our Inner masculine (which is all about doing , logic , taking action , pushing , achieving ) thus bringing more Stability , Joy , Serenity and Love In our Life. There is a time for doing and being . We need both the aspects for a healthy life . If we are doing too much without the healthy balance of just relaxing and being we will feel tired and drained and If we are being without doing anything we will feel bored and unmotivated . We all need to balance this doing and being for true Fulfillment and Inner Peace .Wholeness , Joy , Happiness , Inner Peace are the Gifts of Awakening and Activating the Divine Feminine .

Here are 10 Ways to Heal and Activate the Divine Feminine in You , It doesn't matter whether Male or Female
  • Follow your Intuition : The more you listen to that inner voice, your intuition, the more you will strengthen it and the more you strengthen your intuition the happier you would be . It will never leave you astray. When you follow your intuition , you activate your inner Feminine . Heart is the center stage for the Feminine and Intuition is that voice of the Soul .
  • Feel your Emotions : Feminine is all about Emotions don't run away from them . The more you heal your emotions , the more you heal your inner Feminine .
  • Be Creative : Creative Energy is the Feminine Energy , whenever you create be it a piece of art , or a painting or cooking you bring your feminine to life
  • Connect with other Women : Feminine is all about Connection , Love , Collaboration and Sharing . Meet your girlfriends , go out with a female friend, share your deepest truths this is the way of the Feminine .
  • Beautify Yourself , Dress up : Your inner feminine loves beautiful things , She loves dressing up and getting all dolled up . Get a new floral dress or a mini and go out have a date with yourself today . 
  • Connect with Nature : Mother Nature is all feminine , connect with her to heal your own femininity . Go out for a walk , watch the sunset , do what you feel most drawn to .
  • Learn to Just be , Receive and Surrender : Feminine is all about being , receiving and relaxing . Just take an off and just receive . Receive compliments , receive gifts , receive a massage without any guilt or shame .You are worth it . 
  • Connect to your Heart : When a man or a woman is disconnected from his/her heart he/she is not in his/her natural essence , he/she is not living his/her authentic truth he/she is a unhappy men/woman no matter how he/she looks on the outside . Connect to your heart more , do what you love doing , follow your own unique path , give to a stranger without expecting anything in return , give from your heart , love more .
  • Meditate : Meditate relaxes you and tames your Monkey Mind .When you meditate it relaxes you and helps you connect to that truth within .
  • Read and Learn Spiritual Truths : Feminine is the Spiritual Teacher , the Wisdom Giver .What is your Definition of spirituality , Connect to your Spirituality , Connect to your Spiritual Path .Learn more about yourself , What brings you Joy , What your Passionate about ? 

Now the Divine Feminine is being restored on Our planet along side the Masculine , after years of Suppression , denial and abuse . Our planet is Raising and Shifting in Vibration.We are moving from one Astrological Age to Another. With the rise of the Feminine Values and Energies on our planet , in our Relationships and Society , Women are also rising along side the Masculine , as Women Represent the Feminine aspect of Divine .

“Without the principle of the female, the world would be just a barren world, extremely lonely and without any color. The colorfulness, the joy, the rhythm, the harmony, the music is the creation not of man, but of woman.”
-Yogi Bhajan, 6/28/93

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