Just Failed ! Lift yourself Up With these 10 Encouraging Thoughts

''Failure is a Stepping Stone to Success '' Right ! What ! Dude Just trying to cheer You Up ! Why are you Looking at me Like That ! 
  • Disgusted , 
  • Want to punch me on the face , 
  • How this can happen to you Right , 
  • Why only you Fuck! 

“When defeat comes, accept it as a signal that your plans are not sound, rebuild those plans, and set sail once more toward your coveted goal.” Napoleon Hill

OK ! Failures Crush your Confidence and Self Esteem ! I see you ! I feel You ! I know how it feels , I have been there ! Holy shit when you fail at something, You so wanted to succeed , You did so much , You gave your heart and soul , Still ...Now buckle up ! Let go ! Relax ! Shit Happens ! Stop taking things so personally .You never Quit ! Even if you fail you get back up and try again ! Cheer Up ! Yesssss ! That's the spirit . Here are 10 thoughts to Lift You Up and Help you Let go gracefully ... 

  • Life is a School , Its ok to fail you are here to learn , no one is perfect , try again , keep trying don't settle 
  • Don't take life seriously , life is too short to waste on these petty things
  • Failure is gods way of saying : Something Better . At times we feel what we want is good for us , but god knows better ,trust me !
  • Accept Life , there is so much to be thankful for 
  • Failure is normal . Lets be real , you will fail again ,but what matters is you try again
  • You don't get what you want , you get what you need ! 
  • It will only Manifest if its for your highest good .God Knows Read Point no 3
  • Universe doesn't want you to Fail .Universe sees the Bigger Picture What you can't see . This is a blessing in disguise . You will know why this happened . 
  • Find the Blessing in the current situation . What did you learn , how it helped you grow and evolve ! Take Note !
  • There are better things ahead , this too shall pass.

Always remember no matter what happens , what turn life takes , you are stronger than you think , Gods power is in you , you can cross any hurdle or obstacle thrown at you and come out wiser . 

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