5 Ways you can Use The energy of Navaratri To Celebrate the Divine Feminine and Attract Abundance in Your Life

Progress spiritually While living in Material World,5 Ways you can Use Energy of 
.Navaratri 9 nights of Hindu Festival For Spiritual and Material Progress

Shiva is the Male aspect of God Source and Shakti is the Female aspect of God . Together they create one whole.Navaratri the Festival of Invoking Shakti Goddess ,is the 9 sacred nights celebrated in the Fall - Spring season all across India.This is a Time we invite and worship Goddess Durga or Shakti the energy of universe  in our Lives , in her 9 Forms/avatars with great reverence and devotion to release the Negative and invite more Positive Abundance in Our Life As per Hinduism ( Tantra) Shakti is known to be consort of Shiva , the Pure Consciousness.She is the energy behind all creations and Shiva is a just an un-manifest idea.Without Shakti Energy there can't be any Manifested Creation.In these 9days there is influx of Goddess Energy 100 Folds,Make the Best of this Time.Here are 5 ways you can use this Energy of the Goddess on Navratras to your benefit : 

To Balance the Feminine Within 
We are energy beings and all have both masculine and feminine energy,when 
both are balanced in Us our life is in balance and we feel whole , happy and content . The masculine aspect(shiva) in Us is the action oriented purpose driven energy , the unmanifest idea ready to manifest , while feminine energy ( mother shakti ) is the manifested creative energy in all of us.During navaratra Goddess Shakti principle is thousand times more active than usual , this the best time to heal the inner feminine for more joy , love and abundance in our life .Goddess is the energy which  magnetizes abundance , good opportunities , connections , knowledge,inner peace, joy,money to us.

To let go of our shadow aspects 
Navaratri is the time of Victory of positivity over negativity.First three days to navaratri is dedicated to invoking goddess durga to destroy all the evil and negative tendencies in us ,next 3 days are for Goddess Lakshmi to invite more wealth in our lives , this is spiritual as well as material wealth and next 3 days are for Goddess Sarasvati Goddess of higher spiritual knowledge to attain liberation. This is the Best time to face our shadow , what parts of you you wish to change or let go off , what negative patterns are still controlling you life, ask the Goddess to Help You progress on the path .

More Creative Energy to Manifest Your Ideas into Reality 
Do you know how manifestation works ,Where attention goes energy flows.Can we create a baby just with an idea no we need the creative energy of the mother in the womb to nurture the idea and create a baby after 9 months.What if you don't have the creative energy , then you can't create obviously.Goddess is the creative energy in all of us . Its the energy of creation itself . Everything comes from its womb.No creation can take place without the Shakti Energy . We can have an idea but if we dont have the creative energy to nurture our idea we cant manifest a dream or a Goal . This is the best to to set intentions,asking the goddess for more creative energy to manifest your wishes and desires &  to remove obstacles from your way . If you are trying for a baby this is the best time to connect with the Goddess.

Enhance Psychic abilities and Your Spiritual Gifts 
Activate Your psychic gifts , intuition during the Navratri . Ask the goddess to Heighten and strengthen your spiritual gifts like intuition to better understand your journey and life path via meditating ,chanting mantras on the name of whatever goddess you are most drawn to . 

Health and Healing 
This is the best time to heal and let go with the help of the Goddess . Invoke Durga for power and protection . Lakshmi for calm and balance and saraswati for the right knowledge Men can heal the relationship with inner feminine and Heal their relationship with women in their life .By invoking different goddesses you an invoke or activate your inner feminine, to connect better with women for more joy ,healing and abundance and as a Woman you are the representation of the Goddess on the Material Plane ,by Connecting with the Goddess you can heal your inner feminine and masculine , improve your relationship with men in general . 
A pure heart and Devotion is what you need .There are no fixed rules , let your intuition be your guide . Ask the Goddess to Give you whats best for you.This Article was Just to trigger a Knowing in you , What do you wish to change this navaratri ? What is the significance of navaratri for you ? Do let me know in comments section below ! Happy Navratras 2018 .

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