4 Surefire Signs its Time You Add a Facial Scrub to Your Skin Care Routine

4 Surefire Signs its Time You Add a Facial Scrub to Your Skin Care Routine
We all should make it a priority to Pamper Ourselves , but at times in our busy schedules we totally forget we need to focus on that 'me' and pamper that ' me'. Facial Scrubs help in , Exfoliation which helps clear the skin by removing the dead skin cells and unclogging the pores , giving you a smooth and vibrant looking face . Here are 4 signs its time , You add a Facial Scrub to Your Skin Care Routine .

  • Your skin looks dull - No matter what you do , how much you exercise , How healthy you eat , if your skin still looks dull , its time for some exfoliation babe . Skin is the largest organ of the body , no matter what your skin type , we all need to exfoliate our skin on a regular basis to clean away dead skin cells and for clean pores. 
  • You have been working too hard - Universe , Nature , Our life work on Balance and Harmony  , when we work too much we create an imbalance. If you are in a job profile where you don't get time for yourself you need that scrub, its a quick fix trust me. Scrub helps clear dead cells ,use of a scrub even if its once in 15 days can help your skin . This is a bare minimum your skin needs.
  • You have unusual breakouts -If normally your skin is clear and all of a sudden your skin starts breaking out take it as a sign its asking for your attention and energy . Yes our skin renews itself but after an age this renewal process slows down , and can lead to breakouts and aging.
  • You are reading this -#Metaphysics : If you are drawn to this post , or have drawn this post to you , chances are your soul is giving you a sign .( via law of attraction )  Everything happens for a reason . You clicked on this post for a reason . Your Own GPS System , Your intuition , your best friend says Yes ! Make yourself a priority, You are worthy , Ok Bye Gorgeous  !! 
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