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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

#SacredRelationship : Twinflames Divine Feminine Focus on Your Mission ,The Time is Now !!

Hey Divine Feminine , I see you have done so much work . Yes you the one reading this ! You did so much for yourself and Your counter part . You are taking the lead , planting the seeds , the way shower , the Healer , the leader , the teacher . Imagine and compare yourself to how you were 3 4 years back? What has changed ? Are you not Stronger, Wiser,Empowered! Hell Yes !
  • Now the time has come to start your mission . The mission you planned before birth .
  • Take that one step, the next would come . Leave behind the chasing , the wanting .
  • Whats yours will come your way when the time is right , focus on you
  • Your passions , your dreams , your likes and dislikes . Leave behind what no longer serves you , leave behind people who drain you off your energy ,leave behind the old so you can welcome the new . Yes ! The new life , is waiting , but you need to let go , let go of the old you are still holding on too .
  • Time to clear your energy , your system of any thing that is no longer serving you . Create that void so the universe can fill it with something better .
  • You took this journey for a reason , you were strong enough to handle it . Don't take things lightly , you have an important mission , even if you don't know what the mission is , see what calls to your soul . What is the Next step you are being asked to take ?
  • Attend that mediation yoga class , Join like minded individuals , Create your blog , Publish your articles , Learn A new healing modality ?
  • What is it that you are drawn to ? Go ahead you are drawn to it for a reason . Don't live in the past and don't worry about the future , its taken care of . Live in the present , notice the signs , symbols , numbers universe is sending your way .

  • Yes,You are being given steps . Steps to your new life , the new 5D LIFE .Your happiness awaits you . Go ! Follow it !Like What You see , Please Share ! Subscribe to Our Newsletter for Articles !

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