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Saturday, February 3, 2018

#Healing : Purpose of Spirituality / Spiritual Tools for Material Life ?

  • Your Spiritual Body (Energy Body - The Unmanifest ) is God Experiencing itself through You/Your Physical Body ( Matter - The Manifest)Everything is Energy , its proven scientifically .

  • All matter is simply energy in its lowest form and Spirit/Soul is energy in its highest form . We all are creating our Life every second via our Vibration or Energy/Spirit/Soul body via Law of Attraction.Law of Vibration . Click Here to Know about The Laws on which Universe/Spirit/Soul Works .

  • It totally depends on Our Past Life and Present Life actions as to how our Life would Be.Yes we get to decide . We are the creators .We are Gods energy Working through this Physical body .But to activate this Godhood we have to believe it to be true. Once we believe it to be true Universe starts working on Us , Healing us , and Helping us Raising our Vibration to reach that state and this is a lifelong journey because God/Holy Spirit/Soul is limitless , theirs no destination you have to reach you are it , You are God/Energy/Goddess , Experiencing itself through You/Your Creations 
 We all come with a life plan , to balance our Karma , to learn lessons and evolve Spiritually and Materially both . There are three types of karma . Past Life Karma , which we have no influence over as its our past life deeds which show there effects in this life whether good or bad .Present Life Karma and Future Life Karma which we create and have influence over in the Present Life .Everything is Created in The Spiritual First then it manifests in the material via our thoughts , feeling and Actions ( Universal Law of Attraction/ Universal law of Vibration ) . Video Below

In simple Words Spirituality/Spiritual Tools help in managing our material life well . In this age of Kalyug , Age of Darkness and Karma we need Spiritual Tools to keep ourselves balanced so we can handle the Struggles gracefully and efficiently .Any imbalance in our Spiritual self creates imbalance in our Material life . The more we evolve spiritually the happier we will be materially . A spiritual Practice can't take away your Old karma / karmic account it just helps you to handle your karmic life well ,learn the lessons , evolve and reduce the effect of past life karma which can't be changed and help create Positive Karma . As mentioned above There are 3 types of karma : Past Life,Present Life,Future Life.We cant change our past life karma's but we can reduce its effects with Spiritual Tools and Knowledge We have the power to Create good present and future karma by following a Spiritual Practice , Gaining Spiritual Knowledge , Keeping Ourselves Balanced , and Following Universal Laws .i.e working and acting in accordance with Divine Laws . Any Negative karma we create for ourselves is as a result of not acting in accordance with the Divine/Universal Laws . Click Here

Divine law is any law that is believed by religious adherents to come directly from a divine source, such as the will of God or Gods, in contrast to man-made law. ...Divine laws are contained in sacred religious texts such as the Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran.

Spirituality is nothing but one part of you . We are Spirits in Human Body so we need to follow Spiritual Laws like we need food as a fuel for our human body we need spirituality / spiritual tools as a fuel for our spirit/soul body . We are Spirit and Matter both . Your Spirit / Soul has used this body as a vessel in this life to carry your mission / life journey . Our reason of birth is to evolve both spiritually and materially . Though in this age of Kalyug we all have forgotten this mission ( to evolve spiritually) . We are only running after material things  totally ignoring our Spirituality which keeps us all Drained and Unhappy . Don't forget your Spirit/Soul/Energy body is a fuel for this physical body . There's no Physical Body without a Spirit/Soul .

We need Spirituality / Spiritual Tools to energize ourselves  , heal and Evolve and achieve our Dreams on this Physical / Material Plane / Planet  . As we Heal , Learn our lessons and Evolve Spiritually ,We are Happier and Abundant Materially/Physically .

Spiritual Tools and Resources can be different for different people . What works for me may not work for you . A Spiritual Tool can be a Spiritual Video , A Book , A website , A spiritual Practice Like Mediation , Chanting MANTRAS , Yoga etc.. The main goal is to achieve Spiritual Balance and Mastery so you can evolve and handle the day to day problems/ challenges wisely and efficiently , that is ittttt . No you don't have to be perfect , oh please , who is perfect ? Just try to learn from your mistakes even if you take 2100 years :D .SEE ! The only reason you need to be balance is because when we are balanced we make right decisions , take right actions . heal our relationships , are happier and fulfilled and create a better life for ourselves . God never asked us to be perfect . God just wanted us to be real and true to ourselves , which is so difficult in this age as people are just trying to gain approval from everyone .So its your decision whether you want to grow in 2100 years or 100 years . Yes your Free will . You Choose . But dont forget to have fun all along . 

And no spirituality has nothing to do with renouncing the material life .You are Balance of both and this is what all of us are trying to Remember , This is what the Golden Age is all about . The New Era of light .Its about all of us Remembering the Fact that we are Human-Beings , Human and a Being , Human and a Spirit/Soul . Yes Both ! I am Both ! You are Both ! Your Child is Both ! Your Father is both ! We all are The God in Human Body . No you its never about Age or Circumstances to connect to spirituality . Connect to your spirituality now . Connect to your God/Divine /Spiritual Self  Now to create a Balanced You and a Balanced Happy Society . Did something Click ? Remember ? You are Soul/Spirit in this Human Body ! 

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