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Sunday, December 24, 2017

#SpiritualAwakening : Its Happening | Ascension 2015-2022 | The Awakening of Humanity | Awaken to Your God/Goddess Self

Hey ! Fella ! Do you know What ? Our Planet is Ascending From 3D To 5D !Now what the Hell is This ?Keep Reading to know More .
  • Can you Feel it ? Our Planet Earth is going through a Major Transformation ?More and More people waking up to their  spirituality ? 
  • More and More people are interested in Yoga , Meditation , Spirituality ? 
  • More and More people are asking ' WHO AM I ' What is the Meaning of my life ?What is my purpose in life ? 
  • Yes ! Many are waking up from a Deep Sleep / Deep Illusion . We are waking up to the truth that we are more than this 3D Limited Human , We are multidimensional . Our planetary energies are such , our planet as a whole is moving to the next level , from a 3rd dimensional(lower density)  planet we are moving to the 5th dimensional (high vibration) planet , there's mass (Spiritual/Kundalini) awakening happening.
  • Spiritual/Kundalini Awakening is nothing but expanding of consciousness , Awakening to your god/infinite spiritual self realizing you are infinite spirit on this human journey and not vice versa . Mind you I said " your connection to your god self ", I didn't say your connection to God  , because we all are God incarnate. God is living inside of you and around you . Yes God is flowing through all of us .This same power that created the universes , planets  , stars , nature , animals , plants , humans is flowing inside of you . You don't need to go to temples or any place to worship god
  • Lets stop running after these fake gurus and people who are playing with your emotions claiming to be gods.Worship yourself before you worship someone else. You can be inspired yes but don't try to be another Buddha , or Jesus or Christ. Be you. 
  • Let your divinity take the lead. Be the spiritual leader you are meant to be. Follow your individual path. The path that takes you closer to your divinity , to your happiness. Yes that's the path towards god , To your Authentic Self . Happiness is god. Joy is god. Strength is god. Courage is god. Self love is god. Bliss is god. Suffering is not god. Unhappiness is not god. Guilt is not god. Shame is not god. Self hate is not god. People pleasing is not god. Love for others and hate for yourself is not god. Sacrificing your own needs for others is not god it's bullshit. 
  • Stop being fooled by people , religion , social conditioning , societal pressure , on the name of God and Spirituality as to how you should live life . God is everything. And God is nothing. God is Manifest. God is The Un-Manifest . God is Dark and Light both .God is You and Me ! God is not Something outside of you ! God is here ! You don't have to go anywhere to find God ! God is experiencing itself through you this very moment !! 

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