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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

How to Handle Manipulative People Like a Pro

From talking behind your back to the actions not matching the words , manipulative People are extremely child like and immature . Now I am not judging anyone here , no one is perfect , but if you don't want to be dragged down make sure you set boundaries . Now this doesn't mean you have to judge or hate the person its all about discernment and protecting your energy . We just cant resonate with everyone and we have to be ok with it . When there is energy misalignment , no one is happy . Send the person love and healing . This way you respect the person as well as yourself . Don't compromise on your values , Be you . Stay around people you wish to be like and the ones you respect . The planet is evolving and the earths vibration is changing . The new energies coming into the planet are not in alignment with the old energies of manipulation . The old templates are dissolving and every one and everything HAPPENING to you has a purpose here . Everything is for your evolution.Ask Yoursel 
  • What lesson am i suppose to learn here ? 
  • Why did i even attract this situation 
  • and 
  • Integrate the lesson & The situation wont be repeated 
  • Show gratitude , find the blessings in the situation , everything is here for your growth . Don't Blame the other , blame yourself what is it inside you that attracted this lesson , this person, this situation , do the inner work and grow then share the wisdom with others . Head over to my You Tube channel for more 

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