Twinflames : Message to the Divine Feminine You are Ready , Spread Your Wings

Age of Aquarius & Twinflames 
We are Transitioning from Age of Pisces to Age of Aquarius .Read more here
Yogi Bhajan Lecture: What is the Age of Aquarius? 

This new age will give rise to a new earth or heaven on earth. It is simply humanities elevated balanced harmonious way of living on earth. We all can choose to have higher quality thoughts and feeling like love , joy , abundance , intuition , happiness etc to elevate our living and create this new paradigm or be in the same lower quality thoughts like fear , anger , jealousy , control , manipulation as we already are choosing to live. But actually you don't have a choice. The whole earth is expanding in consciousness. Moving to a higher 5th dimension. ( earth is also a living being ). If you are not into metaphysics these terms could be difficult to understand .
  • So twinflame relationship is a higher elevated relationship for a purpose. It's not like our usual relationships where there is co dependency , not equal give and take.
  • You can't come to a union with a twin till you have create unconditional love for yourself so you can give the sam to your twin. So it's a union and not a relationship. Mind you. It's based on unconditional love.

Twin flame / Divine Partners whatever you call them. This is the new relationship paradigm/template on this planet. Twinflames are two halves of the same soul. One holds the Masculine Polarity and other holds the Feminine Polarity. Now a days all the relationships are based on Co Dependency , what I can get from you and what I can give to you , we are wearing masks in a relationship and not being our true selves , these relationships are based on society's laws and not divine laws. They are energy draining.
Twinflame Relationships are High Vibe relationships , based on Divine Laws. It's all about Unconditional Love. Both the parties have there individual purposes but common beliefs and visions. This relationship is sacred/ spiritual. Authenticity , purity and unconditional love are the values which this relationship is build on. They are interdependent not co dependent. Both the individuals are working for a higher good and a common divine purpose. Both partners are highly evolved and High Vibe so when they come together they raise the vibration of planet and everyone they interact with. They are the healers. First they heal themselves and hen they come together and heal others with there love. A lot Twinflames are now coming into Union. The time has come. There are only 144000 True Bonafide Twinflames

Special Message TO Twinflames DIVINE FEMININE Polarity : This message is for you if you resonate 
Divine Feminine You are ready. Let go of the fear and negative thoughts. Leave them behind. You have done the inner work , faced your demons and are now standing in your power. Kudos to you. All my love and blessings to you. 
  • You are awakened , whole happy and content. You don't need anyone's permission  to be the Goddess you are called to be .  Your cup is full , Yes Cup full of love and compassion. You are now ready to give from a place of love and not fear. You are the mother , the lover , the healer. Your time is here.
  •  You are receiving Divine Downloads and epiphanies as to what should be your next step. Goddess is working through you to birth the mission you came here for .
  •  The mission to bring light and love to this planet through your service work . Even if you are not sure what your calling / mission is know that it will come to you when the time is right , till then follow what brings you joy and happiness .
  • You are ready to start the mission. This could be anything. You know your soul knows. 
  • May be you are called to write or sing or paint or dance. Whatever it is let me remind you , you are ready for it. Take that first step and you'll be supported every step of the way. Universe is co creating with you you have all the support.
  •  You'll attract whatever you want at the right time. Your manifestation powers are strong , your are and sending out healing vibrations to whoever you touch and meet. Your energy is magnetic. 
  • People are drawn to you. You are loving compassionate and healthy. You are love and radiating love. 
  • If you are looking for a sign , Continue whatever you are doing , you are on the right path. Rise Goddess Rise !


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