Here's why You are Stressed and Unhappy !

                   सुखमात्यन्तिकं यत्तद्बुद्धिग्राह्यमतीन्द्रियम् |

वेत्ति यत्र न चैवायं स्थितश्चलति तत्वत: || 21||

Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 6, Verse 21

Translation : BG 6.21: In that joyous state of Yog, called samādhi, one experiences supreme boundless divine bliss, and thus situated, one never deviates from the Eternal Truth.

Do you know Bliss is Your (Souls) true nature ? You are born to be happy . Everything you want or desire is because you want to feel this emotion , Bliss  right ? That being said , why do we experience sorrow , unhappiness , jealousy , anger , hatred , pain ? From where does these emotions stem  ?

Off-course its from your disconnection with your Soul . If soul is bliss then why you are not in bliss , the answer is : you are disconnected from your soul , your real self which is hidden somewhere behind those mask you are wearing to please others . Your GODDESS self which is pure joy , bliss and happiness resides there and only you can set her free with that one decision . And that one decision is to listen to your heart ,your intuition and not someone outside of you .

Your soul is Creative , You are a creative being born to create . Your heart guides you every second but do you actually listen ? You are born with unique gifts and talents for a purpose , they are needed in this world , when will you open yourself to the people who are waiting for you to open your heart to them , to give them what only you can give and bless them with your unique energy. 

Stress is a sign you are off path , the energy flow is blocked , you are not being you and are stuck in that old routine to please everyone accept you .  . Every time you feel unhappy , stressed  , restless start creating . Take it as a sign from your soul , it wants nourishment and attention . Paint , dance , draw , write , go out , talk to a friend , create that business ,  do whatever your soul longs for . Give her ( your soul ) the love and attention she desires . It doesn't matter what is it , do it because you want to, not because you'll get something out of it or others expect something from you ..  

We women are naturally creative if you are born in a female body you are wired in such a way that your radiance , vitality , happiness , goes for a toss if you are living a monotonous life. ( Haven't you noticed how we women react emotionally to every situation and men logically their's a reason ) .You will feel unfulfilled and stressed if you don't have a creative outlet to manage your emotions well . Creative energy is emotional energy and it needs the right outlet else it can create blockages . 

Ever time you listen to your heart / soul you not only give permission to the Goddess inside of you  to awaken , to come out and live her truth but you also give other women the permission to be themselves and live the way they are meant to . 

What you loved doing as a child , do let me know in the comment section below ?

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