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I am A Student of Life 
I Am A Lifelong Learner . 
I Learn New Ideas & Share my Experiences !
No Experience is Good or Bad 
It just is ....

Hello ! I am Gunjan Venaik . I am an Indigo ,Starseed , Twinflame , Healer ,Teacher ,Writer , Lightworker and Creator of the Website Goddesstent.com . I am a Volunteer Soul here to Serve in Elevating the Vibration of the Collective Consciousness of the Earth . Helping people and Aligning them to their Highest Soul's Path is my Mission and Passion .

Change Your Thoughts , Change Your Life  
As a child I was extremely Anxious , Sensitive, full of Self Doubt . I was a Nerd ! Yes ! Trust Me ! I Had major Self Worth Issues ! I made a Conscious Decision to change my Life , it was time to leave the Victim Mentality and take my Power Back . This meant Changing My Thought Patterns which were running on Auto Pilot and making choices for my Highest Good and Not Based on Societal Conditioning or Fears . I immersed myself into Spirituality , Self Help and Personal Growth In 2015 after a Sudden Awakening to Bring Myself Back to Balance and Wholeness and Heal Myself on all Levels .This is the Same time I discovered I have a Natural gift for Writing .Later in 2017 I decided to express my truth and share what I learned and turned my Lessons and Hobby - Self Healing ,Personal Growth and Spirituality , into my Passion and launched this website. 

Through this Platform intend to bring the lessons I learned in my Own Healing Journey to You and authentically share with you what I have Discovered about Me , My Life and What I am passionate about . Applying new Spiritual principles and Ideas and Seeing my Life change I was inspired to start this Platform to Help You ! ( Yes ! Thank Me LOL !) 

I was Born to Liberate You , But First I had to Heal and Liberate Myself!
Can you see how My Self worth and Self Love is back ? Can you feel the Vibe ?  Yes ! When you do the Work , Universe rewards you ! But first the Universe will grind You ! I am on this Journey since 10 Years , I have continuously worked on myself , have faced my biggest fears to get to where I am Today and this is a never ending Journey. And now I am Starting my Mission to Help you .Nothing comes Easy ! Joy , Love , Inner Peace and Balance are few of the rewards for aligning with your Authentic Soul Path . 

I am a Non Conformist and Encourage everyone to follow their Inner Wisdom and their Souls Path . After all we are not only here to Just Pay Bills , Get Married and Die . We  are Souls on a Human Journey and Not a Vice Versa . We all need New Ideas , New Experiences to Be happy and Fulfilled and We are Here on this Planet to Learn , Grow and Master Ourselves. On  this Happiness Journey , I Look for new ideas and Ways to be Happy and apply them to my Daily Life . If you Wish to Join Make sure you are 100 % Ready . Its not an easy journey , every moment you shed layers and layers of past conditioning , negative beliefs and old ideas which don't work anymore and replace them with New Beliefs , New Ideas and New Way of being . If you feel stagnant , Unhappy , Confused its time for Upgrade . Your Old ways won't work anymore , new life is ready to blossom but first you need to let go of the Old . You are expanding , Your Consciousness is Expanding . You are not the same person you were few years back . Bye to the Old . Hello to the New. Welcome to My Tribe !!! 

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What do you think , Do share your views in the comments section below. Would love to know about you ! 

Please Note : I am not a Guru , But a Regular Woman who has a burning Desire to Learn and Share everything there is to know about Health , Personal Growth , Metaphysics , Universe , Life , Spirituality And ... 

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