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Monday, September 11, 2017

My Story | Gunjan Venaik

My Journey : Way of the Goddess
'' As I sit on my Bed and start a conversation with the Universe : I wish to share what I have learnt on my journey , I wish to share my Happiness , I wish to share my journey from Unconscious to conscious and Finding my true Path and True Happiness as a woman , I wish to Write , Teach , Help but Am I Worthy enough . I am fearful what people may say , I have no formal training , no skills and there comes a voice , Yes you have everything . You can help women and girls , You can save them from their own mistakes , You have an open heart , your life experiences and the wisdom of hundreds of Lives as soul in different bodies with different roles to play  , don't under estimate yourself , nothing can beat experience and that's when this website was born ''
Welcome this is the Beginning of Your Goddess Journey. I am Gunjan Venaik . I live in New Delhi , India and I am not Your conventional Girl .I am the creator and Founder of this Health and Wellness Platform .Here are a Few Things You should know About me 

  • I love proving People Wrong . I am most Likely Out doing something Society says Women should not do .
  • I Love Reading and Writing . Currently I am obsessed with Self Help , Personal and Spiritual growth , Ancient Vedic Traditions , Higher Knowledge ,Goddess Mythology , Spirituality , Healing , Nature and More..& Specially everything "Goddess" | Goddess Traditions , Goddess Studies ,Goddess Mythology , Goddess Energy ...
  • I have been Researching on Metaphysics , Feminine Teachings and Practices ,Manifestation,Alchemy ,Mind Power , Feminine Healing Arts,Women Spirituality , Ancient Goddess Traditions and Teachings for almost 3 Years now and the search continues.  
  • I am spiritual but not religious . Yup there is a difference !
  • I am a Starseed , Old Soul and INFG Personality Type.
  • I love floral prints , pastels and off course color pink but I also love rivets , leather and breaking bones if the need be ( You know what I mean Right )
  • My childhood was not that Good . As a child I was extremely anxious , sensitive, full of self Doubt . I immersed myself into spirituality , self help and personal growth officially in 2015 after a sudden awakening . 
  • Later in 2017 I decided to share what I learned and turned my Lessons and Hobby - Personal Growth , into my Passion and launched this website.

And....This is What Life has Taught Me 

  • Self Love is the Answer to all Your Life's problems 
  • Happiness is an Inside Job don't try and find it outside of you .
  • Listen to that Highest version of you ,the Goddess Within , Your higher Self,She knows the Way
  • Last but not Least , We all have a Message , This website is my message , What's Yours ?

on Women 
  • I believe Women have so much untapped potential but they feel Unworthy and give too much of themselves and mostly to the wrong people as they have been fed all the wrong ideas and stories about womanhood as little girls.
  • I believe Women are totally worthy and Lovable just the way they are , They don't have to over work , over push , over do to prove their worth .
  • I believe if Women invested in themselves more , this world would be a better place .
  • A Women in love with herself , Her energy is contagious , she is Shakti , she can change the world just by her mere presence 
  • To Inspire you to Take Control of Your Life and Effect Change
  • To help you Heal Your relationship to yourself , by breaking through what is Blocking you mentally , emotionally , spirituality , physically and aligning you to your highest purpose and joy .
  • To Create a Community of Women helping and Supporting Each Other
  • To help you discover your Gifts and Share them 
  • To Master your Mind and Emotions and Bring Balance back to Your Life 
How I do that 
  • By sharing Knowledge and Practical Tools for Self Mastery , to help you develop Self Respect , Love for Who You Are , and Help you Come into your Natural Essence 
  • By Teaching and Writing on Ancient Goddess Traditions , Ancient Teachings and Practices of the Sacred Feminine, Spirituality,Healing Arts & More.
To know More About the Movement : Click Here 
What do you think , Do share your views in the comments section below. Would love to know about you ! 

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