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Friday, September 22, 2017

#Spirituality : Awakened Kundalini ,The Pure Wild Sacred Shakti Energy

kundalini awakening
Awaken the Kundalini Goddess Energy Within . Yes Goddess can be a woman but here we are talking about Goddess/Shakti energy residing in all of us .We are energy ( electromagnetic) beings .
  • We all have a Masculine( Electric , God energy) and Feminine ( Magnetic Goddess ) energy principle in us whether man or a woman . Normally we relate the word 'Goddess'with a female , Yes that's true a Female is the Physical manifestation of this Energy but this energy also resides in a male 
  • The Goddess energy in you is the pure divine Feminine energy also known as kundalini/sexual/creative energy laying dormant at the base of our spine once activated you will not be the same. 
  • She is the Creative/healing /transformational energy in Us once activated can turn our old inauthentic  life upside down to help us create a new authentic life in alignment with our Soul / Our real self .
  • She is here to help you ascend to your Divinity . She is a No Bullshit Fierce Mother who expects the best from you . She is here to clear any blocks you may have to live your highest potential .She will ask you to evolve  as she knows what you are capable of .You have been hiding behind those fears since long and she sees that , she sees you are worthy of so much more and settling for less .
  • If you are a man it will probably be a Kundalini Awakened woman who will initiate you on this journey and if you are a woman you will Self Initiate. 
  • Kundalini , the Shakti energy lays dormant in all of us once awakened it changes the way we perceive the world around us. She brings us great challenges and blessings.
  •  You'll be forced to be your authentic raw self which you been hiding since long. You'll be forced to get of your comfort zone. You will be forced to confront your deepest shadows . You will be forced to let go of old behaviors , patters not working for you anymore . 
  • You'll be forced to embody the pure God / Goddess in you by shedding layers and layers of conditioning. You will be forced to let go of what no longer serves you whether you want to or not. You will be forced to accept yourself on all Levels . Its truly a Blessing in Disguise. 
Now more and more people are realizing there's more to life and the search for answers and conscious intention to evolve and grow is triggering there awakenings across the world . 
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