#SelfHelp : 5 Ways to Activate Your Happy Inner Goddess

Happiness is the by product of being Human . God intended that for us . If you are not happy something is wrong . You are divine in this Sacred Body , you are bliss anything less than that is an insult to your existence yes or no ? Hell Yes . So whats stopping you from tapping into your happiness mojoooo  ? Here are 5 ways to activate that #happygoddess frequency in no time .

1) Take Some time out for yourself 
Your inner goddess needs your time and attention . If not for whole day ,at least for few minutes .Sit with yourself ,ask what are you craving  and give yourself  without fail .  . 

2) Go outside in nature
Nature has what your Goddess Self is made of , What ? The life force energy you breathe . Life force is your divinity , the authentic you . Go out in nature and get the nourishment you want. It will  lighten your mood ,raise your vibration , and will give you an instant dose of the Happiness drug . 

3) Talk to a friend
The goddess in you craves feminine energy , connection .  Pick up your phone and connect with a friend you haven't not connected with since ages .  The Goddess inside longs for meaningful deep soul authentic connections . 

4) Self cleanse by Setting an Intention 
To keep your balance make sure you self cleanse every night or may be twice a day . 
Our mind is extremely powerful we can heal , manifest and attract whatever we want ( in divine timing whatever is for our highest good ) with our focused attention . Set an Intention to cleanse and purify yourself , your energy body and leave the rest to universe . 

5) Eat Healthy 
Do you know how food affects our mood and energy levels .Eat unhealthy(oily,junk) and see your mood drop . What you eat is what you emit . What you put inside your body is what will show outside .Eating healthy doesn't mean starving yourself , it means eating what feels right , what increases your energy levels , and keeps you in high vibration . You attract people , opportunities , situations through you energy field ( heard of law of attraction ? ) , keep your energy levels high to attract high vibed situations , people and opportunities . This physical body is just a vessel to house your energy body. 

There are many other ways to keep yourself happy , grounded and in balance . What do you think ? Do share the Tips , How you keep yourself happy and grounded . Do let us know in the comment section below

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