#DivineFeminineRising : The Goddess is Waking Up : Top 5 Signs You are Evolving as a Person

As you all know See This humanity /our planet (& us ) is/are healing , ascending , evolving , and tuning into higher frequencies and with this we all are awakening to the truth that we are spiritual beings on a human journey and not vice versa . In this evolutionary time Women have an important role to play . These New energies are changing the way Women see themselves (Feminine Principle has been suppressed since ages ) ,they have undervalued themselves and now they are rising in power but the real power of the feminine , LOVE (Self love & Love for Others).  Women are natural healers and they are being pushed by the Universe to wake up to this truth so they can be a healing vessel of Love first for themselves off course ( you cant love someone unless first you love yourself ) and then for there families,communities,& this planet . Here are 5 signs that you are one of the many going through a spiritual awakening and activating your Goddess Mojo (Your Goddess Self) .

1) Your Life is a chaos 
You are loosing everything from your job , to relationships , friends etc .. There's a reason Universe is Destroying the old  to build the new . Your life is changing for the better , you will attract better relationships , friends matching your vibration . 

2) Your Eating Habits are changing 
As your frequency changes so does what you eat . What once worked for your body now doesn't . May be you are eating more , may be you are having more high vibrational diet . You body is asking for something different in alignment with your frequency .

3) You want to be free 
Since you are awakening you are embodying more of your soul and your soul wants freedom . As you embody more of you , you want to do things differently , you want to live differently , without the labels , the masks , and the societal conditioning . 

4) You want to know more 
You have a thirst for  knowledge , things don't make sense now , universe is pushing you to know more about topics on spirituality , divine feminine , awakening ,cosmos , angels , law of attraction etc , via YouTube videos , books , and other resources . 

5) You are aligning with your true(Goddess)Self 
You are becoming more of who you are and loving bit of it . You don't have to hide parts of you to feel good , you accept yourself on all levels . As we ascend we shed layers and layers of old programming , we embody higher frequencies , our DNA upgrades , we become light and as we continuously heal ourselves we find the answer to the question Who am I ? You activate your Goddess Frequency . The LOVE frequency , which not only heals you but also others who you come in contact with .

Off course, there are many other signs , I wanted to keep this article short and precise . What signs are you noticing comment below ?

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