#SoulTruth : Goddess Your Soul Wants You to know this ... ♛

Your soul or your higher self is extremely wise . It knows what works for you and what doesn't . It knows your value even if you don't . Here are 10 things Your Higher Self / Soul wants you to know :

1) You are a spiritual being on a human journey and not vice versa . You are here to experience life , this body is temporary but you are eternal . 

2) You are worthy no matter matter . Even if you think otherwise your soul knows you , your soul knows you deserve the world , open your eyes . 

3) You are strong and you have all the power in this world . You create your reality via thoughts , emotions and actions . You are not a victim but a creator , never forget this 

4) You are suffering because you are strong enough , your soul knows you can handle this . Keep going .

5) You are wise and you have all the answers , you don't need anyone to tell you how to live your life . Tune in  , ask , receive and take action . You are your own guru . 

6) Life is short ,live it your way . Shine your light , share your unique gifts . You are here for a purpose . 

7) Be you , no one is you and that's your power . Don't compare your path to someone else , you came here for a different purpose . 

8) Don't take life seriously , no one is getting out alive . Have fun , enjoy . What goes let it go . Life is too short .

9) Don't explain yourself to anyone . Its your truth , not everyone has to like it . Move on .

10) If you are reading this , You are Gorgeous , Never change for anyone . You are amazing the way you are . 

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