#GoddessArchetype : New Feminine Archetype Emerging

We all know this is a Holographic Universe and whatever happens in the physical is first created in the spirit realm . ( Google for more or subscribe to my website whatever works for you)

A lot is happening in the unseen world ready to manifest in the physical . Humanity is ascending and a new feminine archetype is emerging to usher in a new way of being , a new way of living which will help us create New Earth . These  are the free wild passionate and sensitive women bringing transformation and chaos wherever they go. They are here to break the old and build the new . There is no creation without destruction , that's  how the universe works . If you resonate with this post , you are one of them . I uploaded this on my Instagram and then I was guided to elaborate more and publish it as a post on the same so here I go .

If you are someone who has spent her entire life sacrificing her dreams and wishes for her family by giving yourself excuses that, that's the role of a woman . Then this transmission is for you. You are reading this post for a reason. Here's a message for you. Tune in.   

Did you let go of your dreams because you were married ? 

Did you stay in a bad dysfunctional relationship and called it love ?  
Did you say yes when you wanted to say no ?

 I feel you. We all have been there done that at some point in our lives. When was the last time you took care of yourself ? When was the last time you went out for shopping or with friends ? When was the last time you pampered yourself ?You deserve your time. Your attention . You deserve happiness. You deserve your love which you keep trying giving to others... What are you without your husband or your kids? What are you without these roles forced upon you by patriarchy ?  Oh ! they are so blessed to have you but You are not just a mother or a wife. You are more than that . We women are the representation of a Multi Dimensional Goddess in a Human Form ( Read ancient texts) .

We women spend our entire life playing these roles and giving ourselves excuses that that's what a perfect woman is and you spend your entire life proving to others how perfect and great you are thus betraying your heart and soul. We are expected to be super women. Are you Trying to prove yourself ? Trying to play the nice girl for the society ? Why you need the validation any way ? Ask yourself ? Self worth issues ? If someone loves herself she doesn't care what others think , they just live and do what feels right to them. Confidence is not whether they will like me ? Confidence is I will be fine if they don't. Stop proving start living. You are perfect in all ways. You are gods perfect child. Oh so blessed you are.  Are u truly happy ? Is your soul happy ? You can hide it from others  but can you truly hide it from yourself ? Or you are just faking it ? Our souls are infinite and limitless. Do some soul searching. Your inner being is looking out for you  What your soul actually wants ?  A warrior ? A lover ? You are so much more. You were born free. You are an artist. A healer. A priestess. An oracle. A wild woman. Free woman. A warrior. A Queen.  You are a multi dimensional being. At times you are Aphrodite the goddess of love. Other times you are Kali the goddess of destruction. Don't let someone make you believe otherwise. Work on yourself. Be you. Who are you ? The real you ? Your real personality ? Your soul ? Are you living your dreams or sacrificing for others ? Live your dreams. Your passions. Let go of the roles patriarchy has forced on to you. You are born free. You are a sovereign  being. Take control Goddess. 

Confidence is not whether they will like me ? Confidence is I will be fine if they don't. 

We are entering an era where a new female archetype is emerging. Women are realizing they are more than what they are expected to be   New Women leaders are rising. These women are warriors at heart. They are creating a new paradigm. This is the wild heart centered woman. A rebel with a cause. A sensitive being.The free spirit. She has  faced it all. She is not trying to prove that her life is amazing because it has never been. She has faced betrayal. She ha s faced abuse. But her strength lies in picking herself up & ruling her throne again. She never gives up.

“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” - Dita Von Teese
Here"s to my free untamed wild goddesses and queens .

Affirmation For Today : I am not perfect, I am me and that's pretty gorgeous.  

Oh by the way these are just my views if  you resonate great , if not great. I still love you. We are all different , our views ought to be different. Let's keep an open mind and stop forcing our views on others. 

Oh yes. This is another quality of a goddess , a queen she is open minded. 

So what's your definition of a goddess ? 

In One Line I can Define her as : Rather than a  perfect woman with a perfect life a Goddess is a real woman with an authentic life ? Love to hear from you. Comment below.

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