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Monday, June 26, 2017

Love Yourself No Matter What ♛

If I ask you what do you love about yourself ? How much time would you take to answer ? And If I ask you what you hate about yourself , the reply would come in a second . You know why ? We have been told to focus more on what we hate then what we love and this has become a subconscious patter n in all of us , in all of humanity , in collective as a whole . 

All things manifest from the subconscious . Everything you see in your physical reality as an individual and as a collection is born out of  subconscious beliefs and patterns . Therefore all the hate , insecurities have been manifested as a result of our beliefs . 

To change the story lets start loving ourselves for who we are . Lets accept ourselves with our imperfections and flaws . God never asked us to be perfect but real . 

You are not born to impress someone , You are born to experiences life , You are born to experience your divinity , You are born to shine your light and share your spiritual gifts with the world , You are not born to spend you entire life life looking for validation from society , You are born to fulfill your dreams , You are born to love yourself no matter what , You are born to just be , You are born to live life your heart wants you to live , You are born to follow your own unique path even if no one believes in it

Love your self no matter what . your happiness , joy , dreams matter and its your mission to live that mission . Time to leave what is not making you happy , could be your job , a partner , a hobby . What would make you happy ? Ask your self ? What your soul longs for ? What your heart is passionate about ? What you always wanted to do but stopped yourself thinking what others might say ? 

Enough ! Who cares what others might say ? Who cares whether someone would like it or not . What matters is you want it , you desire it so you deserve it . Your soul your inner child wants to be nourished and cared for . Time to act . Time to let go of the fear , holding you back . Time to create a new story . Are you ready ? 
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