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Friday, June 16, 2017

#Truth : Knowledge is Power , Use it For Good ♛

Knowledge is power but how do you use it will define how your life would be. 

Whether you would be prosperous or not. 
Whether your life would be easy or not. 
Whether you will be supported or not. 

It all depends on your Karma. If you are using your knowledge and awareness for evil one day you will have to face the karma. And if you are using your knowledge and awareness for good you you will receive the good as well. ? Are you supported by the Universe ? Your bad decisions turn to good ? You are always protected and safe from harm ? Universe always says yes to what you ask for ? Do you have supportive parents ? Do you have supportive friends ? Do you have supportive people all around you ? Are you strong enough to follow your path or what others want from you ? You get what you want easily ? You attract people to you effortlessly ? No matter what you do people like you ? No matter what happens you are happy ? No matter what , you have true deep connections and love all around you ? You get more doing less ? Do you let them go easily ? Are You open to new experiences , things and situations ? This is all good karma . Right use of knowledge and right living. Your life and people around you defines how you have lived your life. So within so without. This is the law of Universe.

See around what do you see ? Love ? True connections ? That's universes abundance flowing to you. The love energy universe is showering on you.

God doesn't wants us to be perfect , we will all have flaws but how you live your life is what matters. Don't let someone take you off your path. Don't let someone deter you from your happiness. Don't let someone tell you you don't deserve something when you really do .

Start something with pure intentions with truth and see it flourish . Start something with lies , deceive and see it fall infront of you. You get to choose. Choose wisely.

You are protected, loved and blessed. Keep striving ahead and don't take no for an answer. It's your life , live it your way. Say no to bullshit. Say yes to You !

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You are ahhhh-someeeee

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