Dark Goddess , Our Shadow Aspects - Feel Your Emotions don't Deny Them

Hello people how are you ?  So full Moon is on the 9th of June 2017 and I have already started feeling the effects .I am extra sensitive and cranky around full moon . As you all know Full Moon is the time to release what no longer serves us and chances are most of us are cranky and irritable during this time ( specially women ) as we are more connected to moon cycles.This is the time when the leftover stuck energies from the past re-surface to be released so we can start a clean 
New Cycle on the New Moon Day 

Yesterday if you checked my post on Instagram,I talk about our shadow aspects and this what comes to the surface to be faced on the full moon(notice i said faced and not fixed).Our shadow( fear ,anger , insecurities , jealousy and all negative emotions )  aspects are emotions  we don't want to face and normally suppress or project on to others, because that's something we hate in ourselves and are not ready to accept,so we keep suppressing it,ignoring it or projecting it which keeps the energy stuck in our system thus creating scenarios which continuously resurface so we can face and integrate it instead of running away from.Now how do you runway ? By blaming others , or numbing your emotions by acting like everything is fine ,and various other ways . Yes its easier to blame then facing yourself and growing , growth is painful you have to get out of your comfort zone , you have to accept the fact that you are not perfect you have imperfections and society asks us to be perfect right else we would not be accepted and loved ,  no one would like us if we are not perfect and know it all right ? Wrong ! This is what the society has done to you to keep you in fear and control . You don't have to change anything about you , you don't have to be perfect  you just have to accept yourself fully,accept that you are both light and dark ,the saint and the sinner , angel and devil ,you are the Universe,we all show different sides of us in different situations with different people . Some people bring out our worst side some our good side and that's perfectly normal . Perfection is an illusion.And once to accept the emotions it can be transmuted into something positive . We all are flawed beings learning through trial and error , its ok .

Ill give you an example . I am a Fire Sign , Aries , and I have a lot of fire in my chart , so that makes me a passionate and energetic , if not channelized in the right direction it can create havoc lol . So now whenever I feel the irritation  building and the energy wants to work its way through me , I channelize it into Writing I never suppress and deny it , I use to deny it earlier but not now and it has changed my life completely. Yesterday these feeling resurfaced the first thing I did was accepted that I am feeling Weird ,and consciously started writing and sharing posts on Facebook to let it all out and today I feel lighter , hence this post idea . When you are light and balanced you are more creative and productive. 

 Anger , Fear , Insecurities, Jealousy , Hate , Unworthiness are the denied and suppressed energies in your system , if you'll not face and integrate,you will keep attracting  people and situations who reflect that part of you ,this is 
 Universes way of showing you where you need to grow , where you are denying your shadow aspects and once you integrate and accept the lessons wont be repeated . 

Negative emotions like loneliness, envy, and guilt have an important role to play in a happy life; they're big, flashing signs that something needs to change - Gretchen Rubin What emotions are you denying and not integrating ? Comment below ...

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