OppsSSS I should Not CURSE I am Spiritual ♛

Holy Moly , Whats Up ? I am spiritual I cant curse , right ? What do you think ? Utter bullshit . Opps I just used the word Bullshit , Now I am going to hell !  I am spiritual and I can't curse ,I cant abuse , I cant get angry, I have to chant mantras 24x7 , meditate and last but not least I have to be Ppppppperfeeeeee-ct  Right ? Wrongggg-gggg ! It actually means accepting all emotions as one( its difficult though ) , but in Divine Truth all emotions are equal and there is no good and bad but just expressions of your soul .

Being on  a spiritual path , or being spiritual just means in this incarnation you choose to follow a spiritual path unique to your soul . You took a vow to go against the norm / society and forge your own path . You choose to find more of who you are . No god doesn't want you to be perfect but actually god wants you be to be real and real means the imperfect real you and accepting your imperfections  no matter what and transmuting them .  

THE SPIRITUAL PATH. By Walter Last. The purpose of life, including our human life, is the evolution of consciousness. The aim of our human existence is to become as fully human as possible, to realize or make real the full potential inherent in the human condition.
I Had my awakening in december 2015 , when Universe and My guides introduced me to these spiritual ans esoteric concepts and this year I am beginning to live my purpose . So officially this is the year where I am beginning to venture out on a spiritual path consciously ( we all are on a spiritual path unconsciously mind you , you me everyone ) It is not easy but its worth it . I have done a lot of inner work since past few years and I am beginning to see the results , now this doesn't mean i wont face challenges in future it just means Universe has now given to me the right tools to face them and the road seems easy and less troublesome .

Awakening is not changing who you are , but Discarding who you are not 

- Deepak Chopra
 There's a mass awakening happening , where all of humanity is realizing the truth one by one that we are spirits in human journey and not vice versa . We all are doing the inner work whether consciously or unconsciously ,but its happening on a cellular level .  All of us would be consciously on this path eventually , Though not all of us will wake up together but eventually we all will when the time is right . So if someone is spiritual it just means they are following their heart , there spirit , they are looking for fulfillment not outside of themselves but within , they are born to find the answer  to the question ' Who am I ' .?  The real me , the one without the masks and labels , the one who is love and light , the one who is always at peace no matter what . Being spiritual has nothing to do with leaving the material world , going to the ashram and meditate ( though that's a part of the plan ) , you can still live a normal life and lead with your spirit . Being spiritual only means , being you with your imperfections , leaving behind those false masks , labels , old beliefs and patterns about who you should be and finding your truth , your real authentic soul blueprint . Finding who the real you is ? Its making the Unconscious conscious , Accepting that you are light and dark both and loving yourself still . It means creating with spirit , thats why its called in-spiration . Every day you discover something new about you , and it helps you solve the puzzle called life one day at a time .

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