#MassAwakening : New Human Activation - We all are transforming ♛

We all are going through chaotic trans-formative  times . The humanity is ascending to a higher level of conscious , we are entering a New Era - The Goddess Era , Age of Aquarius . This is the era of abundance and freedom . We are letting go of what no longer serves our real authentic selves . Old beliefs , patters , thoughts are surfacing to be faced and finally leaving our energy fields so we can welcome a new more abundant & free way of living and being . Consider yourself lucky if you here at this time . Things are not going to be same in coming years . 

A lot of us are leaving behind our 9 - 5 jobs , relationships , and looking for fulfillment somewhere else . We all want something more , something deep , something authentic and not this superficial way of living . Life is a roller coaster for most of us . If you are reading this chances are Your old life , the old self is leaving to make way for the new and much better life . 

Planet is going through an ascension process , and you are a part of it else you wouldn't be here reading this , all this chaos in your life is here for a reason . Don't worry many of us are going through it , you are not alone & if you are reading this , I promise you , in few years from now you will thank the universe for all the chaos its here for a reason and you'll know the reason . Relax ! 

The high human in you is activating . The new you , with new positive beliefs and patterns . 

My suggestion Keep going ,shed the old , so you can invite the new . Your life is about to take a turn . You are changing . You are letting go of your ego & inviting your higher self , you are light . This storm too shall pass and you will come out stronger & wiser with a new vision for yourself . 

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