#ConsciousLiving : Say NO to Unconscious Decisions

What exactly is an unconscious decision ?
An unconscious decision is just the opposite of a conscious decision .
Then what is a conscious Decision ?
A conscious decision is the one made in alignment with your core soul authentic /path signature/ frequency  and in harmony with Universal Laws thus having a strong foundation because :it inspires you and nourishes your soul ,it is made taking into account the bigger picture & not just to satisfy your egoistical needs .

Your authentic soul path is your soul blueprint  , your soul destiny , you most resonate with & one that gives you the most  fulfillment & happiness as a soul in this earthly life . It is your highest path , bringing you abundance in all its form . When aligned with it you attract right opportunities & people to you . 

A major life event was a wake up call to me &  made me realize ,  how when we live an unconscious life , when we take UN-Conscious decisions  , not only do we create havoc in our life but also in lives of people around us . One unconscious choice & Boom ! Your life is a mess . You are creating a messed up reality , not only for yourself but for others as well . All creation start with an intention  , one wrong choice can turn a harmonious & balanced life into a disharmonious & imbalanced one  .
Nowadays most of us are living in fear , creating unconscious experiences for ourselves  total out of alignment with our soul . Unconscious Decisions are made out of fear which in turn attracts more fear in our life . When we take fear based decisions our life is a struggle and a challenge , we are totally off path .  Fear is an illusion created by our mind , our ego which wants to keep us restricted & limited . Soul is love not fear . Soul is Free & Unrestricted .  For a fulfilled life our soul should be the guide and not ego / fear .  Our soul knows whats best for us . 

A Conscious Decision is one which takes into account following : 
  • Is this in alignment with my authentic path
  • - will this serve a higher purpose
  • -with this decision will i be constructive or destructive
  • -will this add to my life force energy
  • -will this add to my spiritual growth
  • - will this benefit me & my community / family
  • - will this brings balance & harmony in my life
  • - is this in alignment with spiritual / universal laws .
  • Our lives & realities are governed by spiritual laws , a conscious life is living a life in harmony with Universal laws . 

How to course correct  
Stop blaming others and take personal responsibility 
Most of the times when our life turns upside down we start blaming others , we don't want to take the personal responsibility as its easy to find faults in other s then facing our own , it makes us feel good about ourselves . All my life I would blame someone else for a mishap without realizing I am the one creating it , thus I have the power to change it . Just aligning ourselves with the next right choice , can bring our life back into alignment and harmony . That's the role of an unconscious choice , to make you conscious of your unconscious beliefs & patterns . Once you acknowledge it , the life is never the same . Taking responsibility instead of blaming saves a lot of creative energy , helping you create a balanced , happy , peaceful life .

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