#Ascension : Out with the Old , In With The New ♛

Dark is leaving this planet, no more control , manipulation , fear . These dark forces are leaving us for good . Yes it will take time but its happening . As a collective we are clearing , ;purging these lower fear based energies.
  • Some of us are doing this consciously , some unconsciously but its happening . All the chaos is here for a reason . People are loosing jobs , relationships are ending , many are relocating . 
  • We all are raising our vibrations and what is no longer serving our highest good we are leaving behind.
  • Mass awakening is happening people are waking up to their spiritual power . We all are being guided by our heavenly helpers, our spirit guides , angels behind the scenes . We are being shown by signs and synchronicity that we are more than this human body , we are spiritual beings on  human journey and not vice versa . 
  • We are all made up of energy , vibrating at a certain frequency this body is just a vessel.We are infinite , multi dimensional beings creating our reality with a thought . Nothing is happening by chance everything has a purpose , a reason .
  • If you are reading this you are lost right, you don't know where you are headed , life doesn't make sense , theirs no direction , no purpose , you are loosing everything , where and why this is happening and why this is happening to you ? 
  • I have the answer . First of all ,we are all in this together . This is happening to you because you chose this before birth , you chose to wake up to your powers at this time . 
  • Women are rising . They are taking their power back from patriarchy . Don't worry hang on , life will start making sense and you'll thank the universe. You are rising to your throne , to your Queen-dom.Accept what life is throwing at you , you are strong enough to handle  . 
  • Clear the dirt , negativity , fear inside you , let go of the old and create space for the new.
  • New energies , New experiences , New people but first clear the space , de-clutter , release and when the time comes universe will fill this space with something better . I promise . 

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