#AstrologyChart : Your Soul Blue print - Should You believe in astrology.

Your astrology chart is your soul report , your energy blueprint . Its your soul path . It reveals to you what have you learnt in past lives , what you bring into this life and what you are here to learn . It gives an overview of your skills , passions and talents from past lives brought forward in this life . Once you align with your soul frequency , your unique energy blue print , you start attracting opportunities for growth and abundance as it activates your highest potential in this life .

Through proper study of a chart a good astrologer will show you what energies to align with for successful career , relationship and any other area of your life . Normally we face struggles as a result of misalignment of energies , but once  we align ourselves with our authentic vibration / energies , Universe starts supporting Us . 

Their are 12 houses in a chart and each house represent the situations , events that will affect you to balance your karma and the planets represent how the energies play out . Planets in any house represents the karma to be balanced in this house . Houses with no planets represent no karma with respect to that house ( until an unless theirs an aspect from another planet ) . 

How can your birth chart help you ? 

A birth chart can help you align your life to your highest potential , if their is an imbalance in any area of life , with the help of your birth chart you can find creative solutions . It gives you a clear picture of your life purpose , your soul mission . 
Your Birth Chart works as an amazing tool to help you make your life journey easier and less stressful , though you still have to go through the hardships and with proper awareness you can lessen your karmic debt . Never forget you create your own realities , you make your own choices . I Do believe with sheer will we can change our Karma . Nothing is set in stone . 

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