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Monday, March 13, 2017

About Goddess Tent

Goddess Tent is a Health ,Parapsychology and Spiritual Magazine  , Spiritual Awakening - Soul Activation and Transformation School , Self Help Community ,Support Group Creating Content , Educating , Spreading Awareness on Human Behavior and Development  , Psychology , Occult , Spirituality , Self Growth , Self Healing , Goddess Mythology , Metaphysics , Holistic Healthcare, Mental Health, Youth Health , Child Development , Teen Health , Women Health  , Consciousness , Mind Power , Paranormal , Energy Medicine and More .Our aim is to Expand your consciousness , Introduce you to New Spiritual Ideas and Principles , make you release the Fear of the Unknown and Paranormal , Help you Heal & Grow Healthier , Stronger to Achieve that Inner Balance and Peace you always Craved and help you Activate 'Shakti' , your Divine Wisdom and Powers Within .You are a Divine Being on a Human Journey and Not Vice Versa .Wake Up !!  

Through this Website we share with you , New Ideas , Vedic Texts ,  Spiritual Teachings and Practical Self Help Tools which you can easily apply in your Daily Life .We teach Quick Easy to Follow tips and Skills for Inner Growth , Inner Strength and Inner Peace and how to Use the Power of the Mind as a Tool to bring Healing & Change in any Area of Your Life .

All of us have within us the Power to be Happy ,Healthy and Whole. We all can Create a life we truly Desire , but these powers lay dormant till we Believe in Ourselves , Make a Decision , Take action and Set an Intention out to the Universe to Help Activate them . Once we take action and that first step ,Universe and Our Divine Team starts working behind the scenes and start orchestrating events in our Favor . As they say ''when the Student is ready Teacher Appears ''

All the Illness , Health Problems , Suffering , Unhappiness is a Result of Our Own Karma . Once we start working on Ourselves to release Karma our life starts to improve .In this Website you will learn the Skills to Awaken your Inner Powers " or  Shakti " so you can Heal Yourself , Cross any Hurdle , Clear Karma , Master yourself and Improve your life and Create whatever you want . Shakti is the Divine Goddess Power in All of us regardless of the Gender , Age , or Origin . My journey with ' Shakti' begun a year back and since then there is no Looking Back .It has helped me transform every Area of My life ,and trust me this is just a Beginning .If you like what you read do Subscribe to our email newsletter for regular updates 

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Mission Statement 
  • Bringing Esoteric , Paranormal , Spirituality/ Spiritual Teachings to the Masses and Making it a part of Everyone's life and not a Selected Few.We all need this information for Optimal Health , its like food for the Soul .
  • Educating , Spreading Awareness on the Power of Sacred Feminine Spirituality for a Happy , Peaceful and Healthy Society 
  • To help you Expand Your Consciousness and Remind you , that you are a Divine Spiritual Being on a Human Journey & Not Vice Versa
  • To Remind You Of your Innate Healing Powers & Power of Your Divine Mind 
  • To help you Heal Your Relationship with Yourself , by breaking through what is Blocking you Mentally , Emotionally , Spirituality , Physically and Aligning you to your Highest Purpose and Joy 
  • To Inspire you to Heal yourself Holistically  , Take Back Control of Your Life and Effect Change by Following your Dharma ( Soul Mission ) 
  • To help you Master your Mind and Emotions and Bring Balance Back to Your Life , and Fulfill your Highest Potential 
  • To Encourage You to Take Full Responsibility for Your Health and Happiness so can Contribute to The Society in your own Unique Way . 
  • To Encourage you to take your Power Back , look for the solutions &  Answers to life's problems within and find that Inner Wise Buddha
  • To Encourage You to Shine Your Unique Light in this world , Yes ! You are here for a reason . Your Light is Needed . 
 .Know About the Founder Here My Story

Please Note : Let your Intuition be Your Guide . Take what resonates and Leave what doesn't . Do share your Views and Blog / Website Link . Would love to know more about you !!

The personal development information and resources on this site are for general personal educational purposes only, and are not intended to be a substitute for any prescribed medical treatment or therapy. The material is offered in good faith, with best intentions for all. All access to, and use of this material is at the user's risk. Readers, listeners and purchasers alike assume personal responsibility for the use of this information, and no self improvement outcomes are guaranteed. Any perceived slight of specific people or organizations is unintentional.
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