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Beauty & Health Advice, Weekly Spiritual & Personal Development Lessons and Life Skills for the Modern Day Goddess Woman

Wake The Goddess Up - Live a Healthy & Happy Life
A Goddess is an Awakened, Empowered, Conscious Woman who Invests in Herself. When a woman invests in herself, in her development and growth, in following her passions and interests, she can then fully invest in others.
As they say '' Fill your Cup first, You can't Pour from an Empty Cup 

Woman You are the Universe. You are not One Dimensional but Multi Dimensional. You are the Mother, the Mystic, the Priestess, the Queen, the Transformer, the Spiritual Teacher, the Healer, the Oracle. You are wise, strong, intuitive, creative, motherly, funny, gentle, seductive, sexy, emotional, spiritual, athletic, knowledgeable and more. You are Goddess Aphrodite (Goddess of Love, Beauty, Sensuality & Sexuality), Goddess Isis (Goddess of Fertility & Motherhood), Goddess Kali (Goddess of Destruction & Transformation), Goddess Artemis (Goddess of  wild, adventure & Independence), Goddess Athena (Goddess of Intellect), Goddess Durga (Goddess of strength and protection), Goddess Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) & moreYou are multi dimensional and you can be who you choose to be at any given moment. Shine your light and be who you are meant to be 

As Women we are Multi-Layered, Sensitive and Complex Beings - and we deserve a Media Platform that recognizes our Interests and Needs. With the advent of social media, information is available at our finger tips. But is the information Empowering or does it instill Fear ?

Goddess Tent is a Conscious Media and Education Website on a mission to give Women the right information, knowledge and tools for Empowerment and Growth as a Holistic Multi Dimensional Human. We not only talk about relationships, beauty, motherhood, skin care but we also talk about science, personal development, psychology, metaphysics, occult and spirituality. You are as Multi Dimensional as stars can be, your needs change as the phases of the moon, choose to embrace every part of your Multi Dimensional Self. Shock them. People are meant to be shocked. Why put yourself in a Box ? 

Whether you are in your late teens, a working woman or a mommy, or may be have just begin your spiritual journey, through a well researched and reliable content we intend to equip women with the right tools & information to live a Happy, Holy and Healthy Life 

Your Guide Book - Nourish your Multi Dimensional Self 
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·    Women Empowerment, Human Behavior
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Please Note : Let your Intuition be Your Guide . Take what resonates and Leave what doesn't . Do share your Views and Blog/Website Link . Would love to know more about you. 
I actually don't want you to just listen to me and accept everything I say - the whole point is to figure out stuff for yourself. I present ideas for you to test. If the ideas work for you, use them. If not, toss them and use something else - Gunjan, Founder 

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