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Tuesday, March 20, 2018

25 Best Quotes from Marilyn Monroe on Love and Life to inspire you
Top 25 Marilyn Monroe Quotes and sayings,Marilyn Monroe Quotes
Women envied her , Men loved her .A sex symbol , An actress , model and a Singer , Marilyn Monroe needs no introduction . She was , is and always will be an inspiration for many . Here are Top 25 Marilyn Quotes to awaken the Marilyn Monroe in You , the Girl who lived Life Queen Size .
Best Marilyn Monroe Quotes on Life,Celebrity Quotes on Love
Always Always Always Believe in Yourself , Because if you won't who will sweetie 

A Strong man doesn't have to be dominant towards a woman. He doesn't match his strength against a woman weak with love for him .He matches it against the world .The real lover is the man who can thrill you just by touching your head , or smiling into your eyes - or just by staring into space

If i worry about others bitches I am just like them , Another worried Bitch 

I believe everything happens for a reason . People change so that you can learn to let go , things go wrong so you can appreciate them when they are right , you believe lies so you eventually learn  to trust no one but yourself , and sometimes good things fall apart so better things fall together .

We should all start to Live before we get Old . Fear is stupid , so are regrets .

A wise girl Kisses but doesn't love , listens but doesn't believe , and leaves before she is left 

Imperfection is beauty , Madness is genius , and its better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of you , it is important to have self respect .You should always have faith in yourself and trust your own instincts . Allowing the opinions of others to dictate the course of your life will only hinder your happiness . If people are quick to judge you , it shows that you are living a life worth envy .

I am good but not an angel , I do sin but I am not a Devil , I am just a small girl in a big world trying to find someone to love.

I am selfish , impatient and a little insecure .I make mistakes  , I am out of control and at times hard to handle .But if you cant handle me at my worst , you don't deserve me at my Best . 

Nothing lasts forever so live it up , drink it down , laugh it off , avoid the bullshit  , take chances , and never have regrets because at one point everything you did was exactly what you wanted .

Being Normal is Boring

Wanting to be someone else is the waste of person you are .

Career is wonderful but you can't curl up with it on a Cold Night

I always say a Kiss on the Hand feels very good , but A Diamond Tiara Lasts Forever .

Millions of People live their lives without finding themselves . But it is something I must Do

The Sky is not the Limit , Your Mind is 

I want to grow Old without face-lifts. They take the Life out of the face , the character . I want to have the courage to be Loyal to the Face I have Made . 

Give a Girl the right shoes and she can conquer the World

So keep Your Head High , Keep your chin Up , and most importantly keep smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about

We are all of Us stars , and We deserve to twinkle 

If i'd observed all the rules , Ill Never get anywhere

You never know what Life is Like , Until you have lived it 

You better believe when the conversation is getting shorter with you , it is getting longer with somebody else .

Before marriage a Girl has to make love to a man to hold him , after marriage she has to hold him to make love to him .

A girl doesn't need anyone who doesn't need her .

Which one is your Favorite ?

Monday, March 19, 2018

#NavaratriFestival :  5 Ways you can Use The energy of Navaratri For Spiritual and Material Progress
Progress spiritually While living in Material World,5 Ways you can Use Energy of 
.Navaratri 9 nights of Hindu Festival For Spiritual and Material Progress

Shiva is the Male aspect of God Source and Shakti is the Female aspect of God . Together they create one whole.Navaratri the Festival of Invoking Shakti Goddess ,is the 9 sacred nights celebrated in the Fall - Spring season all across India.This is a Time we invite and worship Goddess Durga or Shakti the energy of universe  in our Lives , in her 9 Forms/avatars with great reverence and devotion to release the Negative and invite more Positive Abundance in Our Life As per Hinduism ( Tantra) Shakti is known to be consort of Shiva , the Pure Consciousness.She is the energy behind all creations and Shiva is a just an un-manifest idea.Without Shakti Energy there can't be any Manifested Creation.In these 9days there is influx of Goddess Energy 100 Folds,Make the Best of this Time.Here are 5 ways you can use this Energy of the Goddess on Navratras to your benefit : 

To Balance the Feminine Within 
We are energy beings and all have both masculine and feminine energy,when 
both are balanced in Us our life is in balance and we feel whole , happy and content . The masculine aspect(shiva) in Us is the action oriented purpose driven energy , the unmanifest idea ready to manifest , while feminine energy ( mother shakti ) is the manifested creative energy in all of us.During navaratra Goddess Shakti principle is thousand times more active than usual , this the best time to heal the inner feminine for more joy , love and abundance in our life .Goddess is the energy which  magnetizes abundance , good opportunities , connections , knowledge,inner peace, joy,money to us.

To let go of our shadow aspects 
Navaratri is the time of Victory of positivity over negativity.First three days to navaratri is dedicated to invoking goddess durga to destroy all the evil and negative tendencies in us ,next 3 days are for Goddess Lakshmi to invite more wealth in our lives , this is spiritual as well as material wealth and next 3 days are for Goddess Sarasvati Goddess of higher spiritual knowledge to attain liberation. This is the Best time to face our shadow , what parts of you you wish to change or let go off , what negative patterns are still controlling you life, ask the Goddess to Help You progress on the path .

More Creative Energy to Manifest Your Ideas into Reality 
Do you know how manifestation works ,Where attention goes energy flows.Can we create a baby just with an idea no we need the creative energy of the mother in the womb to nurture the idea and create a baby after 9 months.What if you don't have the creative energy , then you can't create obviously.Goddess is the creative energy in all of us . Its the energy of creation itself . Everything comes from its womb.No creation can take place without the Shakti Energy . We can have an idea but if we dont have the creative energy to nurture our idea we cant manifest a dream or a Goal . This is the best to to set intentions,asking the goddess for more creative energy to manifest your wishes and desires &  to remove obstacles from your way . If you are trying for a baby this is the best time to connect with the Goddess.

Enhance Psychic abilities and Your Spiritual Gifts 
Activate Your psychic gifts , intuition during the Navratri . Ask the goddess to Heighten and strengthen your spiritual gifts like intuition to better understand your journey and life path via meditating ,chanting mantras on the name of whatever goddess you are most drawn to . 

Health and Healing 
This is the best time to heal and let go with the help of the Goddess . Invoke Durga for power and protection . Lakshmi for calm and balance and saraswati for the right knowledge Men can heal the relationship with inner feminine and Heal their relationship with women in their life .By invoking different goddesses you an invoke or activate your inner feminine, to connect better with women for more joy ,healing and abundance and as a Woman you are the representation of the Goddess on the Material Plane ,by Connecting with the Goddess you can heal your inner feminine and masculine , improve your relationship with men in general . 
A pure heart and Devotion is what you need .There are no fixed rules , let your intuition be your guide . Ask the Goddess to Give you whats best for you.This Article was Just to trigger a Knowing in you , What do you wish to change this navaratri ? What is the significance of navaratri for you ? Do let me know in comments section below ! Happy Navratras 2018 .

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

#BeautyDiaries : 4 Surefire Signs its Time You Add a Facial Scrub to Your Skin Care Routine
We all should make it a priority to Pamper Ourselves , but at times in our busy schedules we totally forget we need to focus on that 'me' and pamper that ' me'. Facial Scrubs help in , Exfoliation which helps clear the skin by removing the dead skin cells and unclogging the pores , giving you a smooth and vibrant looking face . Here are 4 signs its time , You add a Facial Scrub to Your Skin Care Routine .
  • Your skin looks dull - No matter what you do , how much you exercise , How healthy you eat , if your skin still looks dull , its time for some exfoliation babe . Skin is the largest organ of the body , no matter what your skin type , we all need to exfoliate our skin on a regular basis to clean away dead skin cells and for clean pores. 
  • You have been working too hard - Universe , Nature , Our life work on Balance and Harmony  , when we work too much we create an imbalance. If you are in a job profile where you don't get time for yourself you need that scrub, its a quick fix trust me. Scrub helps clear dead cells ,use of a scrub even if its once in 15 days can help your skin . This is a bare minimum your skin needs.
  • You have unusual breakouts -If normally your skin is clear and all of a sudden your skin starts breaking out take it as a sign its asking for your attention and energy . Yes our skin renews itself but after an age this renewal process slows down , and can lead to breakouts and aging.
  • You are reading this -#Metaphysics : If you are drawn to this post , or have drawn this post to you , chances are your soul is giving you a sign .( via law of attraction )  Everything happens for a reason . You clicked on this post for a reason . Your Own GPS System , Your intuition , your best friend says Yes ! Make yourself a priority, You are worthy , Ok Bye Gorgeous  !! 

Monday, March 5, 2018

#HappyYou : 5 Commandments For Happiness
5 Commandments for Happiness
On a mission to find Happiness ? Off course you are , else why Would you Click on this Article , RIGHT ? Everyone wants to be Happy ,Is it really that difficult ? No its not , if you make a conscious effort . On the Basis of My Own experience Here are your 5 Commandments for Happiness to Live by ...
🌸Listen to your heart It knows the way. The society asks us to use logic over emotions , oh you are being too emotional , oh you are to sensitive , but do you know your sensitivity is your gift ? Your heart knows the way ? You heart , your intuition , your soul whatever you call it is your own GPS system to guide you on your right path ! Keep going. Yes. You are on the right path. .
🌸Stay Away from people who belittle you. Let go of everything and anyone trying to steal your happiness. The energy drainers , the energy vampires the energy suckers. You don't need them in your life. Happiness quick fix ?? Say the naysayers goodbye. .
.🌸Find your tribe. Your soul family. Your soul mates. Yes soul mate is not just a life partner but your friends , brother , sister , anyone. We all have a soul tribe which incarnate with us but we can only attract them when we are on our path and how do you know you are on the right path to attracting them ? You are happy. When you are happy you attract more to be happy. Align. Be yourself and they will find you. The people who love you for you. .
🌸 Be creative. Yes we all are creative beings. And this same creativity is blocked when we live a monotonous life. Chang your life. Be creative. Let the energy flow. Remove blockages and see how you light up. .
🌸Live in the present. The past is gone and future is not yet here. For a Happy future focus on a happy present and everything would be taken care of. Be present. Grow Enjoy the moment. Secret tip shhhh. Happy present = Happy future. .

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Tuesday, February 6, 2018

#SacredRelationship : Twinflames Divine Feminine Focus on Your Mission ,The Time is Now !!
Hey Divine Feminine , I see you have done so much work . Yes you the one reading this ! You did so much for yourself and Your counter part . You are taking the lead , planting the seeds , the way shower , the Healer , the leader , the teacher . Imagine and compare yourself to how you were 3 4 years back? What has changed ? Are you not Stronger, Wiser,Empowered! Hell Yes !
  • Now the time has come to start your mission . The mission you planned before birth .
  • Take that one step, the next would come . Leave behind the chasing , the wanting .
  • Whats yours will come your way when the time is right , focus on you
  • Your passions , your dreams , your likes and dislikes . Leave behind what no longer serves you , leave behind people who drain you off your energy ,leave behind the old so you can welcome the new . Yes ! The new life , is waiting , but you need to let go , let go of the old you are still holding on too .
  • Time to clear your energy , your system of any thing that is no longer serving you . Create that void so the universe can fill it with something better .
  • You took this journey for a reason , you were strong enough to handle it . Don't take things lightly , you have an important mission , even if you don't know what the mission is , see what calls to your soul . What is the Next step you are being asked to take ?
  • Attend that mediation yoga class , Join like minded individuals , Create your blog , Publish your articles , Learn A new healing modality ?
  • What is it that you are drawn to ? Go ahead you are drawn to it for a reason . Don't live in the past and don't worry about the future , its taken care of . Live in the present , notice the signs , symbols , numbers universe is sending your way .

  • Yes,You are being given steps . Steps to your new life , the new 5D LIFE .Your happiness awaits you . Go ! Follow it !Like What You see , Please Share ! Subscribe to Our Newsletter for Articles !

Saturday, February 3, 2018

 #Healing  : Purpose of Spirituality / Spiritual Tools for Material Life ?

  • Your Spiritual Body (Energy Body - The Unmanifest ) is God Experiencing itself through You/Your Physical Body ( Matter - The Manifest)Everything is Energy , its proven scientifically .

  • All matter is simply energy in its lowest form and Spirit/Soul is energy in its highest form . We all are creating our Life every second via our Vibration or Energy/Spirit/Soul body via Law of Attraction.Law of Vibration . Click Here to Know about The Laws on which Universe/Spirit/Soul Works .

  • It totally depends on Our Past Life and Present Life actions as to how our Life would Be.Yes we get to decide . We are the creators .We are Gods energy Working through this Physical body .But to activate this Godhood we have to believe it to be true. Once we believe it to be true Universe starts working on Us , Healing us , and Helping us Raising our Vibration to reach that state and this is a lifelong journey because God/Holy Spirit/Soul is limitless , theirs no destination you have to reach you are it , You are God/Energy/Goddess , Experiencing itself through You/Your Creations 
 We all come with a life plan , to balance our Karma , to learn lessons and evolve Spiritually and Materially both . There are three types of karma . Past Life Karma , which we have no influence over as its our past life deeds which show there effects in this life whether good or bad .Present Life Karma and Future Life Karma which we create and have influence over in the Present Life .Everything is Created in The Spiritual First then it manifests in the material via our thoughts , feeling and Actions ( Universal Law of Attraction/ Universal law of Vibration ) . Video Below

In simple Words Spirituality/Spiritual Tools help in managing our material life well . In this age of Kalyug , Age of Darkness and Karma we need Spiritual Tools to keep ourselves balanced so we can handle the Struggles gracefully and efficiently .Any imbalance in our Spiritual self creates imbalance in our Material life . The more we evolve spiritually the happier we will be materially . A spiritual Practice can't take away your Old karma / karmic account it just helps you to handle your karmic life well ,learn the lessons , evolve and reduce the effect of past life karma which can't be changed and help create Positive Karma . As mentioned above There are 3 types of karma : Past Life,Present Life,Future Life.We cant change our past life karma's but we can reduce its effects with Spiritual Tools and Knowledge We have the power to Create good present and future karma by following a Spiritual Practice , Gaining Spiritual Knowledge , Keeping Ourselves Balanced , and Following Universal Laws .i.e working and acting in accordance with Divine Laws . Any Negative karma we create for ourselves is as a result of not acting in accordance with the Divine/Universal Laws . Click Here

Divine law is any law that is believed by religious adherents to come directly from a divine source, such as the will of God or Gods, in contrast to man-made law. ...Divine laws are contained in sacred religious texts such as the Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran.

Spirituality is nothing but one part of you . We are Spirits in Human Body so we need to follow Spiritual Laws like we need food as a fuel for our human body we need spirituality / spiritual tools as a fuel for our spirit/soul body . We are Spirit and Matter both . Your Spirit / Soul has used this body as a vessel in this life to carry your mission / life journey . Our reason of birth is to evolve both spiritually and materially . Though in this age of Kalyug we all have forgotten this mission ( to evolve spiritually) . We are only running after material things  totally ignoring our Spirituality which keeps us all Drained and Unhappy . Don't forget your Spirit/Soul/Energy body is a fuel for this physical body . There's no Physical Body without a Spirit/Soul .

We need Spirituality / Spiritual Tools to energize ourselves  , heal and Evolve and achieve our Dreams on this Physical / Material Plane / Planet  . As we Heal , Learn our lessons and Evolve Spiritually ,We are Happier and Abundant Materially/Physically .

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