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Twinflames! Divine Feminine Focus on Your Mission ,The Time is Now !!

Hola ! Miss ! 
I see you have done so much work . Yes you the one reading this ! You did so much for yourself and your counter part . You are taking the lead . You are planting the seeds .You are the way shower , the Healer , the leader , the teacher . Imagine and compare yourself to how you were 3 4 years back? What has changed ? Stronger ? Wiser ? Empowered ? Hell Yes !

divine feminine twinflame 
Now the time has come to start your mission . The mission you planned before birth . Take that one step, the next would come . Leave behind the chasing , the wanting . Whats yours will come your way when the time is right , focus on you . Your passions , your dreams , your likes and dislikes . Leave behind what no longer serves you , leave behind people who drain you off your energy ,leave behind the old so you can welcome the new . Yes ! The new life , is waiting , but you need to let go , let go of the old you are still holding on too . Time to clear your energy , your system of any thing that is no longer serving you . Create that void so the universe can fill it with something better . 

You took this journey for a reason , you were strong enough to handle it . Don't take things lightly , you have an important mission , even if you don't know what the mission is , see what calls to your soul . What is the Next step you are being asked to take ? 

Attend that mediation yoga class ?
Join like minded individuals ?
Create your blog ?
Publish your articles ?
Learn A new healing modality ?

What is it that you are drawn to ? Go ahead you are drawn to it for a reason . 

Don't live in the past and don't worry about the future , its taken care of . Live in the present , notice the signs , symbols , numbers universe is sending your way . Yes ! you are being given steps . Steps to your new life , the new 5D LIFE . Your happiness awaits you . Go ! Follow it ! Love <3 

Purpose of Spirituality / Spiritual Tools for Material Life ?

Your Spiritual Body (Energy Body - The Unmanifest ) is God Experiencing itself through You/Your Physical Body ( Matter - The Manifest ) 

Everything is Energy , its proven scientifically . All matter is simply energy in its lowest form and Spirit/Soul is energy in its highest form . We all are creating our Life every second via our Vibration or Energy/Spirit/Soul body via Law of Attraction.Law of Vibration . Click Here to Know about The Laws on which Universe/Spirit/Soul Works .It totally depends on Our Past Life and Present Life actions as to how our Life would Be.Yes we get to decide . We are the creators .We are Gods energy Working through this Physical body .But to activate this Godhood we have to believe it to be true. Once we believe it to be true Universe starts working on Us , Healing us , and Helping us Raising our Vibration to reach that state and this is a lifelong journey because God/Holy Spirit/Soul is limitless , theirs no destination you have to reach you are it , You are God/Energy/Goddess , Experiencing itself through You/Your Creations .

spiritual awakening
We all come with a life plan , to balance our Karma , to learn lessons and evolve Spiritually and Materially both . There are three types of karma . Past Life Karma , which we have no influence over as its our past life deeds which show there effects in this life whether good or bad .Present Life Karma and Future Life Karma which we create and have influence over in the Present Life .Everything is Created in The Spiritual First then it manifests in the material via our thoughts , feeling and Actions ( Universal Law of Attraction/ Universal law of Vibration ) . Video Below

In simple Words Spirituality/Spiritual Tools help in managing our material life well . In this age of Kalyug , Age of Darkness and Karma we need Spiritual Tools to keep ourselves balanced so we can handle the Struggles gracefully and efficiently .Any imbalance in our Spiritual self creates imbalance in our Material life . The more we evolve spiritually the happier we will be materially . A spiritual Practice can't take away your Old karma / karmic account it just helps you to handle your karmic life well ,learn the lessons , evolve and reduce the effect of past life karma which can't be changed and help create Positive Karma

As mentioned above There are 3 types of karma
Past Life
Present Life
Future Life

We cant change our past life karma's but we can reduce its effects with Spiritual Tools and Knowledge We have the power to Create good present and future karma by following a Spiritual Practice , Gaining Spiritual Knowledge , Keeping Ourselves Balanced , and Following Universal Laws .i.e working and acting in accordance with Divine Laws . Any Negative karma we create for ourselves is as a result of not acting in accordance with the Divine/Universal Laws . Click Here

Divine law is any law that is believed by religious adherents to come directly from a divine source, such as the will of God or Gods, in contrast to man-made law. ...Divine laws are contained in sacred religious texts such as the Torah, the Holy Bible, and the Quran.

Spirituality is nothing but one part of you . We are Spirits in Human Body so we need to follow Spiritual Laws like we need food as a fuel for our human body we need spirituality / spiritual tools as a fuel for our spirit/soul body . We are Spirit and Matter both . Your Spirit / Soul has used this body as a vessel in this life to carry your mission / life journey . Our reason of birth is to evolve both spiritually and materially . Though in this age of Kalyug we all have forgotten this mission ( to evolve spiritually) . We are only running after material things  totally ignoring our Spirituality which keeps us all Drained and Unhappy . Don't forget your Spirit/Soul/Energy body is a fuel for this physical body . There's no Physical Body without a Spirit/Soul .

We need Spirituality / Spiritual Tools to energize ourselves  , heal and Evolve and achieve our Dreams on this Physical / Material Plane / Planet  . As we Heal , Learn our lessons and Evolve Spiritually ,We are Happier and Abundant Materially/Physically .

Its Happening | Ascension 2015-2022 | The Awakening of Humanity | Awaken to Your God/Goddess Self

Hey ! Fella ! Do you know What ? Our Planet is Ascending From 3D To 5D !
Now what the Hell is This ?
Keep Reading to know More ...

Can you Feel it ? 
Our Planet Earth is going through a Major Transformation ?
 More and More people waking up to their  spirituality ? 
More and More people are interested in Yoga , Meditation , Spirituality ? 
More and More people are asking ' WHO AM I ' 
What is the Meaning of my life ?
 What is my purpose in life ? 

Yes ! Many are waking up from a Deep Sleep / Deep Illusion . We are waking up to the truth that we are more than this 3D Limited Human , We are multidimensional . Our planetary energies are such , our planet as a whole is moving to the next level , from a 3rd dimensional(lower density)  planet we are moving to the 5th dimensional (high vibration) planet , there's mass (Spiritual/Kundalini) awakening happening . 

Spiritual/Kundalini Awakening is nothing but expanding of consciousness , Awakening to your god/infinite spiritual self realizing you are infinite spirit on this human journey and not vice versa . Mind you I said " your connection to your god self ", I didn't say your connection to God  , because we all are God incarnate. God is living inside of you and around you . Yes God is flowing through all of us .This same power that created the universes , planets  , stars , nature , animals , plants , humans is flowing inside of you . You don't need to go to temples or any place to worship god. 

Ascension 2015-2022 
Lets stop running after these fake gurus and people who are playing with your emotions claiming to be gods.Worship yourself before you worship someone else. You can be inspired yes but don't try to be another Buddha , or Jesus or Christ. Be you. Let your divinity take the lead. Be the spiritual leader you are meant to be. Follow your individual path. The path that takes you closer to your divinity , to your happiness. Yes that's the path towards god , To your Authentic Self . 

Happiness is god. Joy is god. Strength is god. Courage is god. Self love is god. Bliss is god. 

Suffering is not god. Unhappiness is not god. Guilt is not god. Shame is not god. Self hate is not god. People pleasing is not god. Love for others and hate for yourself is not god. Sacrificing your own needs for others is not god it's bullshit. Stop being fooled by people , religion , social conditioning , societal pressure , on the name of God and Spirituality as to how you should live life . 

God is everything. And God is nothing. God is Manifest. God is The Un-Manifest . God is Dark and Light both .God is You and Me ! God is not Something outside of you ! 

God is here ! You don't have to go anywhere to find God ! God is experiencing itself through you this very moment !! 

Check the Videos for More 

{ Video } Khadi Whitening Scrub with Badam and Aloe Vera Review & Khadi Moisturizer lotion Kesar Review

Hello Everyone !!
I normally don't  experiment much with my sensitive skin but I was drawn to the Brand Khadi !! I Did hear about the Brand but never tried its product 

About The Brand : From the Website
Link :

Who We Are ?

Khadi Natural Healthcare is leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier for Khadi Natural products with the coverage of total 18 states and 35 authorized distributors in all over India. Khadi Natural Health Care is exporting all around the words's 25 Countries with above 50 authorized seller and distributors. We are engaged in manufacturing of Khadi Natural herbal shampoo, Khadi Natural handmade soap,Paraben free shampoo and Glycerin transparent soapKhadi Natural products are manufactured under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda Doctors and made up of Herbal active ingredients which are formulated from organically grown pure plant extracts. Khadi Natural products are made to WHO , GMP and ISO standards and incorporate the principles of preservative recipe for everyday use.

Khadi is a WellvKnown brand and I Tried two of the products . Here's a Quick Review on My YouTube Channel . Do subscribe and Share . Video : Product Review : Under Rs 300 / - Brand Khadi - Best moisturizer and Scrub for Dry sensitive Skin

{ Video } Who are Twin flames and Why they are on this Planet at this Time ?

Twin flame / Divine Partners whatever you call them. This is the new relationship paradigm/template on this planet. Twin flames are two halves of the same soul. One holds the masculine polarity and other holds the feminine polarity. Now a days all the relationships are based on co dependency , what I can get from you and what I can give to you , we are wearing masks in a relationship and not being our true selves , these relationships are based on society's laws and not divine laws and They are extremely energy draining.

Twinflame relationships are high vibe relationships , based on divine laws. It's all about unconditional love. Both the parties have there individual purposes but common beliefs and visions. This relationship is sacred/ spiritual. Authenticity , purity and unconditional love are the values which this relationship is build on. They are interdependent not co dependent. Both the individuals are working for a higher good and a common divine purpose. Both partners are highly evolved and high vibe so when they come together they raise the vibration of planet and everyone they interact with. They are the healers. First they heal themselves and hen they come together and heal others with there love. A lot twin flames are now coming into Union. The time has come. There are only 144k of them.

Do check out Videos on My Youtube Channel For More 

Video 1 :  Who are Twinflames and Why they are on this Planet at this Time ?

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